Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, July 11, 2011

Garden Love: June, 2011

This year, I have more plants in pots than ever before.  I do love having my garden in many pots because it allows me to control the soil and the supplements that I add.  All of my pots are washed in steamy hot water and sprayed with lavender oil....then I add organic potting soil, some organic matter, bone meal, and seaweed 'soup,' I call it.  It's a mixture of decayed plants and animal matter from the sea and it includes natural seaweed.  It is dark black, like coffee, but a bit thicker.  I also add coffee grounds to my soil mixture. 

Pansies are always delightful in Spring and early summer but they wither as temps soar in the middle of summer

Little phrases, flowers, and characters are added for a bit of whimsy

My porch is a respite from the heat of the day and many of my flowers love it back there.  They get morning sun but are protected from the worst of the heat.  Oftentimes, I'll gather them all up and scoot them onto the porch for safety if hail is threatening....

My clematis will fill this arbor by the end of summer....

My poppies, although HUGE, are only here for a short visit....I always photograph them.  They are larger than my hand with fingers spread out.....they are amazing to me

Lilacs this year were incredible---you could smell them as we pulled up into the driveway! 
Peonies, columbine, asters, lavender and more....

Under this shaded space, ferns grow....hard to find in CO!

I love to add texture and heights to my garden....a wooden front to the garden, along with hanging baskets, birdhouses and feeders, and a bear, if you look closely in the background....

All of my herbs are in pots as I use them in my meals and want them to be free of any unnatural fertilizers or pesticides

This little cart adds some whimsy to the porch and I change out the flowers inside of it for interest

The grass, now deep green, is the foundation of the experience in the backyard

Strawberries are overflowing from the barrel....and the ball of white is nesting material for my birdies

the front yard has a grove of aspens, along with roses and mugo bushes

the pond is home to a turtle, LOTS of fish, snails and some other visitors who often are un-invited! (like our heron)

solar lighting adds color at night

this year, I added a watering can with flowers and my oldest daughter bought me a spigot on a post with a crystal 'drop' of water coming down into the bucket---a fun addition
 This garden is a place of is hard work and it is something we both look forward to every year.  We rarely just sit and look at it, although I stare at it from my kitchen window throughout the day.  It is a gift.  When I was teaching every day, I'd say good-bye to it before I went to work....then when school got out, I'd play in it every day.  This year, I got to see it come to life even more, as I was home in the Spring.....the attention shows....It will be sad to say good-bye to it and 'give' it to another owner, but I will hold its memories deep in my soul forever.  9 years of gardening here......the longest I've ever lived anywhere.  Most homes were rentals that I could not garden in as I was a military wife for 21 years and a yard was never 'mine.'  I hope they love it as much as I do......I'll do another posting of it for July and maybe again before I leave......Thank you God for this garden and for the LOVE who made this garden possible. 
Grow Old With Me....the Best is Yet to Be....