Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, March 28, 2011

A river runs through it.....I know, cliche'

We went to Estes Park once again....we are on that search, you know, for the dream in our lives, the passion that we seek, the place for serenity, hard work, and doing something good in the world.....

We are looking for water, especially MOVING water....and Estes has several rivers that run through it, their waters coming from snowmelt high in the Rockies
Here, on 3/27, barely any snow remains....the rivers are low, but melting in the high country will occur soon and these waters will be wild!

Here, one of the B&B's we visited
roads are often narrow and adventurous!

North facing slopes are still snowy and icy

the landscape is natural as elk and deer and big horn sheep help themselves to anything and everything

it's been very dry, so things are not green in Estes, except for the pines

a driveway with a STEEP drop-off that you can't see from this picture.  I think we took this house out of the running

a boulder is actually INSIDE the living room, but guests may FALL off the back porch....and it's hundreds of feet down

We saw LOTS of wild turkeys yesterday; I'll be posting a video of them
Of course, our own house has to sell first.....but it's a combination of finding the right place, selling our home, and us feeling at peace with our decision....a tall order, but I'm turning it over to God....HE has the answers.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

some EASTER inspiration for you!

Just a little inspiration for you if you're beginning to do some Spring cleaning as I am and readying your home for Easter.  Most of these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when I visited Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, CA for our anniversary weekend.  I've saved them so that I could bring them out as it got closer to Spring.  'Springtime in the Rockies' is quite different than most places.  Because of the altitude, winds, soil conditions, and so forth, we have a short summer and oftentimes, there is no Spring.  March is typically our snowiest month, although this year, the snow has been scarce and now fire danger is quite high.

I hope you are inspired by the lovely tablescapes, decorations, colors, and creations....I know I was!

From Williams-Sonoma....a lovely Easter tablescape, complete with some egg shaped serving pieces

Botanicals, Birds....and white picket fences

an Easter cat??

I love the muted roses, creams, and taupes

looks like a Vera Bradley egg!

This should get your creativity buzzing

German to fill
for our Perfect English Friends! Hi Rachel and Morwenna!

Need a bunny or two?
 I'm just beginning to get little snippets of daffodils coming up, even though on Saturday morning, we had snow....less than an inch, but it was quite 'brisk' out-of-doors! But at Roger's Gardens, as in my previous postings, flowers are everywhere....if only it was closer and I could just load them into my car and bring them home!!  In Colorado, we have 'some' flowers available, but the 'knowing' garden realizes NOT to plant now.....or they'll be temporary for sure! Some pansies are hardy enough for planting now....but I'll just have to keep looking at flowers elsewhere to help my yearning for, one of my favorites!
I LOVE gerberra daisies....these were MUCH prettier in person!
Well, I hope this has inspired you to create some wonderful spots in your home to bring in Spring, Easter, or just a fresh look.....this year, we'll be having Easter Brunch at a wonderful place in Colorado.  We haven't been in several years.  I've been doing Easter at our house, but we all decided to go out this year!  It's a fun change now and then! 
          No Winter lasts forever;

                    No Spring skips its turn

                                                                                                  ~ Hal Borland


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Early for Flowers in CO? Go to CA!!

I used to live in's a really long story but it does feel like a second home and even though I've been in Colorado for almost twenty years, I find it comforting to go to California several times a year.  Recently, my sweetheart and I made a trip there for 4 days and we went to one of my favorite locations, Roger's Gardens.  I used to watch it on television years ago.  They would have gardening tips and tricks and one day, I realized.....there it is!!  That one day was LAST YEAR.  So, this is my second trip to Roger's Gardens and Mr. Sweetheart had never been since my first trip was with my middle daughter.  Back in Colorado, it was still snowing and cold, so this was delightful to get a glimpse of summer and the colors that abound in that season!  If you don't have flowers yet where YOU are, just enjoy our little trip.  There were TONS more pictures, but I didn't want to bore you with them!

There were orchids in every color as well!!

Yes, the trees were HEAVY with citrus fruits!

Even a tiny tree will bear large fruit


Ranunculus in every color!

they had hydrangeas in every color

They had so many vegetables!!  I wanted to take them ALL home with me!

loved their little lemon wreaths

we were fortunate to have sunshine!

this location is a turn-a-bout near Pacific Coast HWY in Newport

My oldest daughter and her husband and two children are there right now.  It is their Spring Break and they are visiting southern CA for a trip to Knotts Berry Farm then driving up the coast through Santa Barbara then on to San Francisco, Monterey to take the kids to the aquarium there....then on to Mendocino where her husband's aunt is a forest ranger in the redwood forest and has a house there.  After that, they plan to drive home through Sacramento and then to Utah....stay overnight in Salt Lake....then home.  It's an ambitious trip with two little girls in the car.....but they're excited and I'm hoping they have a bit of sunshine as rain is predicted along the way AND Hwy 1 is closed north of San Francisco due to mud slides and they are predicting the road closure to be about a month, so it must be a big one!

I hope you enjoyed the plants and flowers.  I purchased some organic potting soil, some soil amendments and some new garden gloves I'm ready and waiting!! 
Love you All

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A California Homes Tour

I think most of us just love to look at houses---whenever there is a local homes tour in our area, I love to get tickets and 'go see.'  Model homes, old homes, Victorian homes, re-modeled homes.....I love 'em all.  On Balboa Island, there are a collection of rather unique homes.  Balboa is located in Newport Beach, CA, a coastal segment of Orange County. 

My daughters and I rented a 'bike carriage' and peddled our way past a couple of hundred of these cuties and I snapped pictures of about half of them.  I'm in need of a little virtual 'summer vacation' so come along with me on my California homes tour!! 
I snapped this picture of 2 of my daughters in the front.  I was a back seat driver....of course! we go!
Many of the homes are white....all that sunshine probably bleached them all!

white picket fences seem to be the norm as well!

New England style lap siding is also quite popular

there are a few more southwestern abodes as well, but not the norm

this little bungalow had a 2.1 million dollar price tag on it. 

the fringe at top of picture is from our 'vehicle' and not on top of the house!

wood shingles with 'used' brick chimney

this little yellow number was pretty cute!

this has got a bit of a mediterranean flair

how about that perfectly manicured short hedge?

love the little white gate

bouganvilla everywhere!
this one has a sort of Asian influence

love the pots

cute and STEPS from the beach

love the dormer windows and the front porch

rounded front door---very gingerbread-ish
very tropical looking

we weren't sure what to call this house

here we all are!
 In the center of the neighborhood was a green area with some benches and a tree the little girl came out in each of us and we gave it a go....yes, even me!

Here's my oldest daughter sending middle daughter sailing!

my oldest daughter getting a bit of a push from middle sister

and yes....they talked me into it.....I love being a MOM, a MUM, and a MOMMY....
Thank you God for my girls!!
note:  youngest daughter was in Africa at the time, or she would have been along, too!

Hope you enjoyed the tour....I know it made me smile just recalling it!