Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Summer Full of Memories...

The fires were absolutely devastating....
It's been a wild and crazy summer, full of events....some very expected and wonderful and some not anticipated and not so wonderful.  Some made us laugh while others made us cry out loud....

Our beautiful blue Colorado skies were filled with thick dark smoke and it lasted for most of the summer.  The sky is still not perfectly clear as there are lingering fires whose smoke still fills our skies.

But the community was so thankful
 We had some REALLY FUN TIMES, too.... like shucking corn with my granddaughters....
Here, the youngest one gets her first full ear completed

My middle and youngest daughter at the pool....just like when they were little

A lemonade stand to help raise money for the humane society

And a certificate received by my granddaughters when they brought the $50.00 to the humane society

Fishing and being outdoors

and celebrating my birthday at a lovely teahouse in Boulder, CO

taking a painting class with all of my daughters

and showing off our 'almost identical' paintings!

taking my granddaughters to a local farm to feed beans to the chickens and turkeys

and getting them matching hats to wear in the sunshine

going to Red Rocks to hear James Taylor sing live and sitting in the 5th row

and visiting my youngest daughter at a local vet clinic and seeing her ON DUTY as a real doctor for the first time

and having tremendously hard good-byes as she moved away from Colorado

and watching that big truck pull away

and cleaning out the place where she lived and re-lining shelves

and redecorating her home with finds that we painted and refurbished

and flying to Ohio for my 40th class reunion

and going to my favorite fair from my childhood and seeing all the farm animals

and visiting family in Virginia and driving in 'the old car'  ah....ooooga!

and having 'girlie' week in CA with two of my daughters while the 3rd went with her husband and daughters to Disney World in Florida

and enjoying my favorite spot on the beach....and enjoying the emptiness of the beach in September

and having to say good-bye again and leave the youngest in CA while daughter #2 and I flew back home to CO
I am back home and looking back on my summer, it was quite wonderful.  I still don't have a home to call 'ours,' and I don't have a b&b or a tea shop or an idea of what to do next....but I'm full of love and thankfulness for all that I do have which makes me feel tremendously blessed....

Thank you for reading and being there with me along the way.... xoxo