Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting a bit more Valentine-y

I told you that I've been getting 'Valentine-y' over here lately....I have so much yet to do in the kitchen after the "explosion" of dust and dirt that the workers created in there....however, I cleaned off the mantle over the fireplace in the greatroom and got out my bin of Valentine's things and started to work.  I'd say that this year's creative scale is not positively off the charts....but it was the best I could muster under the duress of dust in the adjoining kitchen.  I mean one can only become so festive when one's refrigerator is sitting next to the sofa!
Here, bunny and dolly hang out by the basket and show their 'love' of the holiday!

My 'white albino' moose dons a red bow and sits in a heart-shaped basket on its side

This little Gmundner Pottery piece holds a candle....but I put it on the mantle just because it's red and white!

a couple of paper hearts

wooden red hearts attached to the large wreath above the hearth
February is a tough month for lots of people.....if a person doesn't have a special someone, it oftentimes feels like everyone is in love except that person, when, of course, that isn't true.  And, for those who do have a special someone who isn't quite the romantic at heart....Valentine's Day can be painful as well.  So, a few years ago, I made a public statement to my family.  I no longer celebrate Valentine's Day-----I like to do things for others, but I've asked the darling wonderful man in my life to do nothing for me on that day.  My father died on Feb. 12 and was buried on Valentine's Day....another reason not to celebrate.  Instead, I HIGHLY CELEBRATE Feb. 19.  It was my father's birthday and it is the day I met my sweetheart.....and we always do something special to spoil each other..... so.....enjoy the holiday but know in your hearts that it is just really another day....true love is given generously every single day and that we do not need a day to show our love nor do we need a special person to celebrate love.....we just need a generous spirit and an eye and an and listen and I'm sure you'll find someone who could use a bit of cheering on that day.  Send a card to someone in a nursing home.  Give a note to the postman or woman who tirelessly delivers your mail.  Leave a heart on the trashcan that week.  Put a note in a child's lunchbox.....
Smile.....and most importantly.....look in the mirror and say wholeheartedly to yourself:  I LOVE YOU! make you smile.  I was driving on Friday to do some errands and I had my camera with me.  I came upon this BRIGHT PINK car....I mean, it was HOT PINK!!  and, it was a Mercedes.  I have never seen one in that color before.  Someone really likes pink!  I snapped a photo and thought you'd like to see's really quite a bit brighter than it even shows up here.

the driver's 'in the pink'
Coming soon, I am going to be doing a blog post about a house neighborhood tour that my daughters and I took in the Fall in southern California.....but here's a sneak preview.  I'm choosing this one, of course, because of the RED gate door....I honestly love it, but then RED is my favorite color!!  I think it's quite charming!'s almost your love!
this makes me want to just open it up and peek inside!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting a bit Valentine-y

Just a quick post to say that I've gotten out my box of Valentine things and going about the house putting a few of them out.  I save old magazines, so I put out the ones with the 'heart' covers and joyfully re-read each and every one.  Today, I'm working on my pantry.  The workers have gone and the dust has settled. Now to clean it all up and get all of my foods, canned goods, spices, and staples back into my pantry in an organized fashion.  That could take another week!!  :)

February is a sensitive month for me, which I'll talk about later in future blogs, but for today, it's Friday and I'm in the kitchen.  It's 57 degrees F with sunshine.....that's almost 14 degrees C for my friends up north and across the pond and that, in the middle of winter, is HEAVEN!!  So, I'm feeling grateful, blessed, and motivated!!

I hope you all have an incredibly wonderful weekend....I have a lot going on right now, so lots to share as I get myself organized here, so stay tuned!!  Love to my tweetlettes!!  You have a special place in my heart!!
The sign that hung here over the holidays was, 'Deck the Halls' remember?

these magazines just get better with age!
Happy Saturday to Everyone!!!!  Special HUGS to my tweetlettes....
you touch my heart!!                                                                              

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Drive to Estes Park

We are very fortunate to live just a little over an hour from Estes Park.  Estes Park is the closest we have to doesn't have cows with bells around their necks, nor does it have enormous farms with villages using vintage scythes to cut the hay, but it does have the grandeur of enormous mountains with jagged peaks, delicate wildflowers, and rather charming mountain goats!  It also has something very unique: herds upon herds of elk.  There are also deer, antelope, moose, mountain lion, and other creatures, but elk roam free throughout the town.  They are in the parking lots of the shops, they walk up to the drive-up window of the bank teller, and they eat the lawns and plants of everyone who lives there.  In our search for 'what to do next,' there is also, 'where do we do it?'  Estes Park is on the list because of its close proximity to family and that it does have a draw of tourists from around the world to take in its beauty and to hike and camp in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This is also its downfall, by the way.  Crowds of people in the summertime.....
I love reading the blogs of others who live in places other than Colorado because I can sit in my jammies or jeans and be taken there through the eyes of dear friends who lovingly capture the beauty of their homes, their shops, their villages, and their surroundings.  Thank you for that....I'm inspired each and every day!
The road to Estes Park---you can see the Rocky Mountains up ahead
Once we got up there, it was quite a surprise that there wasn't much snow, but it wasn't a surprise to see the elk!! Here's a herd grazing on some local you can see, there is little snow at this elevation of more than 9,000 ft.
still easy to graze when there is not much snow on the ground
There are also several gorgeous lakes in Estes Park....and it's a haven for fishermen from around the world.
This is a great place for picnics, walks, and family outings
The sun came out from time to time, but the day was filled with intermittent bursts of snow.  The highest peaks are lost in the cloudy blanket, but this particular view is magnificent.
Mary's Lake
The majority of the trees in the area are pines which have been impacted by a devasting pine beetle.  Some parts of Montana, Wyoming, California, Nevada, and Colorado have been completely wiped out of their pines....which then leads to fire, always a fear in the mountain towns.
The vistas are different in every direction
The trees in the area are mostly aspen.  Colorado is known for its white aspen trees with its almond shaped leaves which are brilliant gold/yellow in the fall.  Below, this grove of aspens serves as cover and the bark as food for the deer and elk in the area.
the black marks are where elk have eaten the bark

I took this right out the car front window

I wanted you to be able to see how unafraid the elk are.  Here, a few walk through neighborhoods and graze on the common areas so close to the humans who hunt them.

this young male notices me and 'poses' for the picture!

a bit of a snow burst!

This family had two Bernese Mountain favorite breed and what my beloved Moose was!!
How I miss that boy!!

you can see how the village of Estes Park sits at the base of these mountains all around it

The famous Stanley Hotel....made more famous in Stephen King's The Shining
The Stanley Hotel opened on July 4, 1909, built by Mr. Stanley who is famous for 'the Stanley Steamer'
Many famous people have stayed here, from John Philip Sousa, to the Emperor and Empress of Japan, and Theodore Roosevelt.  Mr. Stanley suffered from tuberculosis and his doctor had advised him to spend summers in the mountains.  His health had improved so much that he decided to build a home, then a lodge....and so on and so on.  They had lived in Maine and his wife wanted a home like the one she had left back East.... thus, the 138 room Georgian style hotel was fashioned to please here.  It stands today on the National Register of Historic Places and many many weddings are still held there today.  My youngest daughter's wedding was in Estes Park at a different location, just up the road from the Stanley.  It is definitely worth a visit!!
a snowy road in the mountains

This big guy is just keeping a watch on me, but doesn't seem to care!

                                                                                     Well, if you'd like to see a video I made of a REALLY CLOSE ELK....honestly, I could have reached out the car window and touched here:
Have a great week everyone!!!!  I need some positive energy my way to help me in my decisions!!  xx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gettin' Real! What's me and What Isn't me??

I think I've told you that's it's an annual tradition to go to California with my daughters....sometimes, it's with all three, if they can all make it; sometimes, two...on a few occasions, 1...but every time we go, we have a GREAT TIME!!

Here, in the middle of winter.....I'm going to 'go back' and revisit California.....and bring some sunshine and warmth to January in Colorado!!

I think you ALSO know that I'm re-fashioning myself from being a teacher into 'something else.'  I love to bake, garden, keep house.....hmmm, what can I do with that and get paid something?
  • innkeeper
  • personal chef
  • bakery shop owner
  • personal assistant
I'm wondering what the Universe has in store for me.  We've been looking for a bed and breakfast for years now and with the downturn of the economy, that idea has not come to fruition.  But, I'm open to a few other ideas.....if not a bed and about a retreat?  If not a bakery shop owner, then why not a tea shop owner....or, something else!!

In the process of trying to figure this all out, I'm doing my research.  I've visited dozens and dozens of b&b's.  I've had afternoon tea at about a dozen places, including the Fairmont in Banff Springs, Canada.  I've also frequented dozens of small coffee and tea shops to try and figure out which is 'me' and which ISN'T me!  Bakeries, too.  Colors, lighting, decorating, style.....

Wonderland Bakery, Newport Beach, CA
 Well, in the process of looking, I came across a really over the top bakery in California. It's cute, pink, and has a lot to offer and they are planning on opening a 2nd location further north. But, this style is not me. I like so many different things that I'm actually happy I've found a style I don't want to look like. It's a bit too fru-fru....and I don't want to cater just to children. But, take a look see and see for yourself. We bought a few of their baked goods and found them to be quite good....but this place is someone else's dream.

dishes, cupcake holders, lunch boxes, tiaras

we were there in September, so Halloween things were out

cookies, brownies, and other desserts as well as cupcakes

beyond fancy---each is a work of art

aprons and tutu's too!! ( say that fast 3 times!)

even stuffed animals that have 'stuffed' cupcakes!

and one-of-a-kind party hats-

Well, off I go to dream of what I am to be tomorrow.....after I re-line the pantry shelves and start to replace cabinets with food instead of having boxes scattered all about the living room! If I'm going to recreate me, I've got to get this place in order!! :)

Empty now....but just you wait!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here's how they looked after their 30 hour flight!

Well, the honeymooners are back and their stories are awesome!!  They backpacked for three days, went on a canoe trip for three other days, went on a cruise of the fiords, saw zillions of waterfalls, and ate wonderful food!  All in all, their 3-week honeymoon was fabulous and we're so glad they are home safely!!

daughter and son-in-law at Denvery International Airport
Arriving home on Sunday gave them time on Monday to unpack, start laundry, and sleep in before going back to work and school on Tuesday---for her, 3 more semesters until Veterinary Medicine School is complete!  She also works for the Irish government doing some research on their bovine problems with tuberculosis....a busy couple indeed!!  We all went out to dinner together and heard some of their wonderful stories!!  They did not go bungee jumping, but did go on the jet boat....favorite city? Queenstown; I'm somehow not surprised!! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Come with me on a Tour....

Even though we live in a log home, I'm not all 'western' and country....there's some German, some English....Victorian in me.  I love some antiques, but it is the eclectic combination of things that makes it all home for me.  So, I just went around the house and started taking some pictures of things here and there that are quite 'me.'  So.....come on along and I'll tell you the story:

This is the lamp on the nightstand in the guest bedroom.  I call it 'the bed and breakfast room' because I change it up for the seasons and holidays and unless someone is staying in there, it's almost almost 'perfect.'  It's the one place in the house that is always pretty and I just love walking by the room and peeking in!
On the nightstand is a guest a bed and breakfast, with a 'log' pen, of course! The photograph is of my beloved pet Moose and my step-daughter, who is now 20 and in college.  She is the youngest in this family of 5 children.....On the switch of the light hangs a tassle--I love these, too...whimsical little things that give a bit of character and well, 'whimsy' to just about anything!

a bit of lace is here there and everywhere, too!  This little piece is heart-shaped and the lamp is a real log made into a lamp....I don't LOVE the lamp, however.  Maybe 2011 will bring a new one to this spot!

Next up is a photograph with a big story behind make it quick, I had scheduled an appointment with a photographer for my 3 daughters to be photographed in vintage wear to make the picture appear of another era.  I was driving my middle and youngest daughter and my oldest daughter was meeting us there.  We ran a bit late and my oldest daughter said, when we arrived, that because we were late, she refused to be in the photograph.  How sad is that?  She's the one with a bit of a we made the best of it, but I do wish I had all three of them in this was really quite fun!
Two of my 3 daughters in 'olden-time' outfits....
Next is also in the 'bed and breakfast room.'  There is a little shelf in there, and on that shelf are a number of things.  My mother gave me this antique banjo.  It is no longer 'playable,' but I have it up there, along with this coffee pot from Germany and a Susan Branch votive holder in her famous Lenox tea pattern.  If anyone bumps that shelf, however, I may get cross.  So good!
a bit of a collection....things I cherish
 One of the things I LOVE to do is create floral arrangements from dried flowers, artificial flowers, and willow branches and such.  I made this arched wreath over the hall doorway that leads down to the two bedrooms that are on the main level.  It's been hanging in this spot for 8 years now....I'm still not tired of it, so I guess it will stay for awhile longer!  :)
I love the way the logs are cut in this spot of the house
Next up: BEARS!  I love Moose and Bears....and these two are 'dating' right now as Valentine's Day approaches.  The one with the red heart has been tucked away in a box of Valentine's things...the heart says, "You Stole my Heart."  These are also on the little shelf in the guest room, atop some of my favorite books:
I read Celestine Prophecy long ago...but have never forgotten its message:  There are NO chance encounters!
The next photograph is taken in my 'craft' room...this is where my computer is and all my fabric, yarn, flowers, etc.  This little spot on the dresser in there has a willow basket, a large pitcher (from Susan Branch) that is filled with eucalyptus, lavendar and dried roses....all from my garden.  The little angel fairy is just there for the winter....she'll get tucked away somewhere as the days grow longer.
Behind the angel is one of my MANY copies of the book: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breadnach; I have a copy of her book in nearly every room of my house....for me, it's inspiration!
Next is a lamp that is next to that little scene above.  I don't usually have many lamps with little things dangling from the shade, but it fits in this creative space that I'm still working on.  Again, a tassle hangs from the light switch.....just call me Miss Whimsy!
silly little things I find that go here and there
Well, that's it for today's tour.  I hope you enjoyed it---I can't dwell on the 'tearing down' of things upstairs.  I know it's all for a reason....and it could have been so much worse.  When I think of the devastation in Brazil and in Australia, a little water in my kitchen is nothing!  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Sunday and 'the Honeymoon's Over...

Today is the day my youngest daughter comes home from her honeymoon to New Zealand....I've heard from her prior to their leaving that country...then they flew to Australia. From there they flew to Los Angeles and got in there this morning. They had a rather long layover in California, but were able to switch to an earlier as I'm writing this, they are probably pulling into their drive.

I went over there earlier today with a batch of teeny-tiny lemon cupcakes with a lemon buttercream with freshly grated zest. The cupcake batter had ground almonds in it, so it turned out to be really different and quite good! I also made them a pan of turkey/spinach lasagna to have when they get in....they'll probably be able to smell the spices as soon as they come into the house. I've heard small bits about their trip---a 3-day canoe trip with overnight camping, a 3-day hiking trip to places where they filmed movies, a cruise through the fiords, the shotover jet boat, snorkeling, hiking the glacier, and so much more. What a wonderful set of memories to have forever....

The land search we went on yesterday didn't fit "IT" but it was interesting seeing what is out there right now and what is STILL out there a year later after we've looked before. The economy is still not quite on the move up yet. I did land upon a small farm that caught our eyes. I'll stew about a bit and see how I feel in a day or two. For now, I've got the worker guys coming in the morning and I'm not looking forward to the mess nor the problems they'll encounter.

And, this cute lab will be going home....I'll miss her!! My middle daughter had a blind date for lunch; he's 'not the one' but it's always so fun hearing her stories about how things went.....
We're both talking about a trip to California---maybe we can't wait til our annual summer trip....
Here'a a picture of her last year......and Sherry, you can guess where it was taken!
One of the things we LOVE to do is visit antique shops....we came across a room full of old hats and handbags...what fun!!  Sometimes, we both feel as if we should have been born in an earlier era!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trying to practice what I preach and believe in

A new 'made to look old' sign I've recently hung in my craft room

As much as I truly believe in doing what I love and loving what I do, living in the moment, divine intervention, inspiration, and miracles DO happen, I'm oftentimes taken off track by my own disbelief in my own true self.  I need reminders to keep me focused and it is is wonderful, now and then, to have a kind word sent my way to help me re-focus my path.  About a year ago, I purchased this 'antique-looking' sign.  It is new and there are more out there, but it reminds me to do it live NOW....not wait until some magical tomorrow, for in reality, tomorrow may never come.  I don't mean to sound glum, but it's true.  We have today and so today, I'm going to practice what I preach.  I had a wonderful dinner last evening with my middle daughter and my dear Rod and then we saw The King's Speech in the theater.  Both the dinner and the movie were wonderful....but the best part was spending time with those I love.

Today, it is rather dark and gloomy out.....I've made a wonderful light and nutritious breakfast---1/2 grapefruit and an egg-white omelette with mushrooms, spinach, and cilantro....but then had to have a bit more of the poppyseed bread with a large kettle of tea!  Thank you to my youngest daughter for the lovely new Christmas kettle and thank you to my middle daughter for the fabulous new tea....and thank you to my oldest daughter for the lovely rose teapot from England from which I served the tea.....what a spoiled girl I was this morning! I even made little lab friend here an omelette of her own.  She'll be going home to her mom tomorrow night when they return from it's time to spoil her a bit. A wonderful morning to start....NOW, we're going out on a drive to look at some land that has popped up recently---to see if any of it inspires us for our next dream. So, off I go....with two cups, a dish for water for pup, and a container of hot tea to keep us happy along the way!

And to Rachel.....yes, please come for tea! I promise to have Earl Grey for you!

yes, you are getting eggs for breakfast, too! xx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Once a teacher, always a teacher

Today the sun is gloriously shining.  The thermometer in the shade reads 37 degrees F. (about 2.8 degrees C) But, because it's been so incredibly frozen here for the past few days, it feels warm....I just went out to let 'P' go potty and to walk about for a bit--it's incredible.  The downside is that the snow is all melting so incredibly fast that there is bound to be flooding, etc.  In fact, our restoration folks will not be here because they have so many emergencies with flooded basements, leaking roofs, etc.  They have not torn down the kitchen wall yet, so I can cook, use the sink, and get into the refrigerator, even though it is not in its place. So, I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Talk to me at the end of next week when there is no wall between the kitchen and the garage and all of my pantry items are in boxes somewhere and they tell me 'it will be another week.'  But, that's not going to happen, right?  Stay tuned!

Today, with all the sunshine filling our home, I went about and snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite things.  I'm going to save some and we'll chat about those later, but I think they are lessons in who I am and what I'm all about!  Now Rachel & Morwenna across the pond, forgive me.  I am not gloating about the sunshine we're having today when you're in a hurly-burly bit of rain--if I could send sunshine in a post, I would do so in a heartbeat!

But here goes....
a tea rack....purchased about a year ago.  I change out the teacups and saucers from time to time
I love tea.  I've always loved what you love, right?  I've taught for most of my lifetime, and I had an electric kettle on my desk.  My students would be writing, reading, or taking an exam and one would say, 'What's that noise?'  And another, who 'knew' me a bit better would respond, "Oh, she's making tea."  I would smile and sip my was always such a comfort.  SO, whatever happens in the 're-making' of me during this year, WILL include tea in some fashion.  I have a HUGE collection of teacups and saucers.  I really do not need anymore.  But, I do keep my eyes open for a special find here and there.  Most of them are from England, but because of my German and European background, I do have some things from Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. 

And of the BEST GIFTS I've ever received from my daughters:

a double-sided hinged frame with pictures of the three of them...about 18 years between the photographs
I have three daughters.....When my oldest turns 32 in May and my youngest turns 28 in April, they will be 28, 30, and 32.  My oldest was not quite 4 years old when my youngest was born.  I LOVE BEING A MOM! Do what you love, right?  I said some time ago that I grew my own friends.  It's true!!  These women are very best girlfriends; they really are and we tell each other the truth....that's a tough thing to do sometimes to those we love, but we do. Sometimes, we do it at inappropriate times, however, like at the dinner table on a holiday.  I can LAUGH about this now!  :)         I pretty much raised them alone, even though I was married for 21 years to their dad...another story as well.  Maybe I'll write a book about tea, being a mom, and finding the love of my life.  It's a good story!  Well, I'm getting off track here.  The three of them got together at the home of my oldest daughter and posed in the same position as they did for this earlier photograph when they wer much younger.  I'd say the little one atop the others was about 5, 7, 9 in first photo and 23, 25, and 27 in the second photo.  To say the least, I just sobbed when I saw this on that wonderful Mother's Day when they presented it to me.  First, in gratitude that they would honor me with such a sweet gift and secondly because the time had passed so quickly and now they were all grown women....where did it all go?

So, once a teacher, always a teacher.  My lesson for today is: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, ENJOY EACH & EVERY DAY, and don't pitter away your life...DO WHAT YOU LOVE! BE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE.....and LOVE WHAT YOU DO.  and it wouldn't hurt to tell those you love how you feel---be generous with love....
This is a lesson for myself as well---I need to do what I love and love what I do and I'd love to be paid to do that, too?  Do you hear me out there?  :)

I've just made a kettle of tea, cut slices of poppyseed bread to munch on with it, and I've got lots to kisses and hugs to you all, thank you for reading my blog, commenting, and encouraging me.  I would LOVE to know what you'd like to read about!  What do you want to know?  Inspire me to inspire you!!  
Have a wonderful weekend!
xx The Real Girl         
It's so delicious with my tea!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Rocky Mountains from my Window and from a COLD walk this morning

It's really really cold outside.....I mean, for Fahrenheit, it's ZERO degrees right now.  I don't know how the birds are managing, but somehow my treats keep them coming and I'm not about to stop feeding them now...they are counting on me, right?

If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely ADORE Christmas.  Each and every year, I put out so much Christmas stuff that, like Easter eggs, I sometimes find a bauble or two well into June that I missed in my collecting and stashing away process.  I've been super busy working on organizing my Christmas things this year and getting them properly stored away.  Greenery in this bucket and stuffed 'creatures,' as I call them, in another.  Most things are truly put away, BUT the Christmas tree stands tall in the corner of the great room in our home.  There have been some pretty lean times in my life---another story for another time and by no means do I have money to pitter away with now.  I've been an educator most of my lifetime and worked weekends as well to make ends meet, but Christmas has always had a feeling of plenty for me.  I never spoiled my daughters throughout the year.  They got a few new clothes for the new school year and there was always food on the table, but I saved all year bits for Christmas and by golly, there were presents under the tree.  Each pair of socks, underwear and pj's were wrapped separately, and each package had a bow.  ( I save the ribbon year to year ) and food?  yes, cookies and jams and a turkey and lots of buttery mashed potatoes.  Sarah Ban Breathnach would call it Simple Abundance.  It is one of my favorite books....a collection of daily inspirations that helps one to count their blessings each and every day.  If you'd like to visit her website, please go to: 

My kitchen right now is in a tizzy.....the restoration people won't be here until tomorrow---but I'm feeling at peace with the world right now and my tree is going to stay up all week long with the snow as its backdrop.  I've got my Valentine's things in the 'works' right now.  This weekend, a lovely little package arrived from someone far away....little Christmas gifts that took their time coming, even though they were mailed well before the fun!! Christmas just keeps coming!!

The mantle has been cleaned and polished and it's ready for the red and pink to grace its shiny face.....but this blog is about the snow and the fact that for at least another few days, my Christmas tree will stay in the corner of the room, twinkling in 2011!  I hope you enjoy.....the mountains, the snow, the barn next door, and the pines heavy with the newly fallen snow.  Happy New Year!!

looking toward southwest- you can see Rocky Mountains 14 ers as they are called- peak that are above 14 thousand ft

I love how the pine trees hold the large clumps of snowy whiteness

the foothills and the mountains beyond

looking across the pasture to our neighbor's barn

a good shot of snowy peaks- it'snot always this clear

looking to southeast-a lake in the distance

our pond- quite different than from a few days ago

Well bloomin' geraniums!!!! They don't know it's winter!

Our mailbox- we put little 'wreaths' on it this year

there are little 'windows' on this side with wreaths, but I couldn't pry the snow away to show you

my daughter's dog Polaris on the snowy walk with me this morning---we're watching her while daughter is on honeymoon! She is named after the North Star because daughter said that dog is her guiding light....she's 8

back behind house looking west

one of our bluebird houses

back behind house---lots of trees for birdies to hide in

snowy wonderful-ness! goal for 2011
simplify, simplify, simplify