Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is EVERY day....

Most of you know that I've been on a path of Change....

Many of you know that I've changed career paths...

Some of you know what I'd like that next career path to be...

A few of you know how much we've given up to make that dream a reality

But God knows when the timing is right...

Someone told me a a couple of years ago....

"You are brave; it takes courage to do what you're doing."

We've been very persistent in our dream....I retired from teaching.  We sold a home that we dearly loved.  It was a log home, so it had truly become a part of us.  We have lost our beloved dog to cancer, several family members have better half lost his job (twice) and found one again.  

A daughter became a doctor. 

A daughter found a soulmate. 

A daughter moved away to follow her dreams. 

A son moved to begin a PhD program.

A daughter became a surrogate mom to a gay couple in Israel. 

We've made offers on homes and none have become ours. 

I could go on and on....

The last three years have been challenging and yet so full of blessings.  We are in a rental home still looking....

And HIS timing is what we must have faith in.  Just a few weeks ago, we were on a short Fall drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway.  While we were there, we continued to look on the internet for a lot, a home, 'it.'  I was getting ready in the morning when my better half called out to me to come look at the computer...

"Is this what it looks like?" he asked.

I looked in disbelief at the screen. 

There it was....

the lot

the lot that we had looked at three years ago.  The lot that we had surveyed.  The lot our dog walked on before we knew he had cancer and would not be with us much longer.  The lot that we had an architect start to draw plans for a home on.  The lot that was zoned correctly for our dream.  

There it was... for sale. (again)

You see, when it was for sale three years ago, we dragged our feet.  We were doing our 'due diligence' but God really knew we weren't ready.  So someone else bought the lot, even though we had spent so much time and money on the property.  We had not made the official offer on it until we were sure our dreams could have the possibility of coming true on that lot.  

Last Friday we signed the papers on the lot.  It is ours.  

And, the surveyor's stakes are still on the property...we found 18 of them...some still stuck in the ground.  Nothing has been done to the lot.  We laughed and cried and, quite frankly, we're still in shock...

It's our lot. 

Now, a LOT has to happen to this LOT before we can do anything 'real.'  But it's a start and we are so grateful....

Today, I'm cleaning...I'm washing out the refrigerator so I can put all the holiday goodies in there.  I roasted a turkey today and sliced it up.  There will be LOTS of people here for Thanksgiving and I don't think one turkey will be enough, plus everyone loves to take one will be in the fridge sliced and ready to take home in little packages.  

Tomorrow and Monday, I'll do most of the shopping, and Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll do the baking. 

and cleaning....and readying....

for my kitty loving friends, like Susan and Rosinda and Sandy and Nancy...I found this funny little picture of a kitty all full after Thanksgiving dinner....

These are scenes from LAST was at my daughter's house because her husband's father was very ill and couldn't travel far and we live 100 miles further to the north. 

It was a wonderful day....filled with good food and family and friends...

We were very fortunate to all be together....

His father is no longer with daughter took him into their home in his final weeks and he died in their home.  It was an unbelievably difficult time for them and my daughter was also pregnant at the time. 

There were big kettles of food to cook.

And my youngest daughter's dog was there to catch any foods that might fall from little hands...

We had pies and cookies and Susan Branch's spiced pecans. 

We count our blessings...

There's something especially wonderful about the aromas of foods cooking for Thanksgiving

To my Canadian friends....the US REALLY needs to adopt YOUR Thanksgiving...OURS is way too close to everything else....

and to all of my friends all over the world.... Thanksgiving is truly a day for each of us.  The true meaning is thankfulness for all of our blessings.... and I am thankful to each of you for coming along on our journey.  

I appreciate your comments; I appreciate you taking the time to read. 

I am grateful. 

I'll take lots of pictures of Thanksgiving this year.... we have so much to be thankful for.  For everyone who is without a job, without a home, without loved ones who were with them last year...may you be filled with Love and Hope and Light.  May you find strength and Courage and Hope.  May you be blessed by His love.  

Love one another...forgive.... be kind.  

We're all truly in this together...

so, let's all rejoice in this amazing time of year....and fill our hearts with LOVE. 


  1. What a beautiful, loving, grateful....THANKFUL post this is, Joann! So very happy that you will have so much to celebrate this year...and looking forward to being with you as your dreams unfold through the years...much love to you and all your beloveds xoxo

  2. Hello sweetie,

    I love the photo of the stuffed kitty! It's so cute! Your thoughts on change, courage, faith, and thankfulness are very inspiring. It makes me so happy to hear that you have finally found THE lot to build your dream home! I know how long you've been searching! I admire you for counting your blessings and staying positive, even through the most difficult of times.
    It would be great if USA adopted the Canadian Thanksgiving. That way, we could all celebrate together. Until then, I'll just have to celebrate twice! ;o)
    Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. You are a blessing in my life! xoxo

  3. Joann, that is a wonderful story of how you came full circle to get that lot! Did you send that photo of the kitty cat to SB? She'd probably love it!

    1. Oh Thank you for your comment!!!! SB has so many cute kitty photos; I don't know if any could top hers!!!! Thank you for reading my blog!!!! xoxo Joann

  4. Joann! YIPPEE! I've finally droppedby for a visit and it's been delightful!!! How wonderful to read about YOUR LOT! It's always been yours. Now the timing is right! That's so exciting! Your journey has taken you through much and yet, you are shinng more brightly than ever. Your blog is such a JOY! Sending early Christmas Greetings to you! Georgie


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