Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Martha's Vineyard Part V: A home and garden tour

I'm having the time of my life on Martha's Vineyard- some of you have told me that Nantucket is awesome, too---I guess I'll have to come back someday and see that 'neck of the woods' too!  I didn't make it to Sturbridge and that is on my list as well.

For this part of my Martha's Vineyard tour, I'll try and capture some of the white houses and black shutters and white picket fences and all out cuteness that abounds on the here we go!

Don't you just want to KNOW these you can go there for Thanksgiving?

This home was being completely remodeled....the interior was practically gutted

This is the 'even my garage is cute' number....

Love the archway, little side windows....and of course, the pumpkin!

I took this because their DRIVEWAY is cute!
Did I mention that I love window boxes?  I do....and small window panes?  Note the storm cellar door on the above picture----you don't see those anymore!

This one had a view of the ocean....and a lighthouse that was off in the distance

This is the front porch of the inn we stayed at.  From these chairs, you could see the harbor

This is another view of house above- LOVE the window boxes!

More window boxes....and a bay window, too?  YES!

Loved the mums on either side of the front door....

I love how the sun was beaming through the trees.....

Downtown shopping area of the flag!

White, black, window boxes, picket fences....are you getting the message?

LOVE the driveway with grass in middle AND the ivy growing all over the garage!
When I was a little girl, one of my aunts had a driveway like this, only it was gravel....I remember the grass strip up the middle....It's funny how those things stick with you.  When I saw this, I got teary-eyed.

I know....I know....they have a view, too!

so many gardening ideas, huh?  
There is also a section of Oak Bluffs that is known for its cute gingerbread victorian cottages.  A huge part of the town is for walking through only...they are itty bitty and so very charming!  If you google Oak Bluffs victorian gingerbread homes, you'll get a wonderful story of their history.  Or you can click HERE and get a synopsis of the story!  :)  I did some of the searching for you!

And yes....the gingerbread....color I can't even tell you about! 

The little arbor entryways are another charming part of Martha's Vineyard

Among the Flowers is one of the little cafe's that is adorable! Many people were eating outside.

LOVED the little piggy under the arbor seat

This inn was quite historic- read the sign to see who 'slept' there!
The Edgartown Inn is quite famous!  Daniel Webster was once denied as a guest as we was thought to be an Indian, believe it or not....but one of my most favorite authors stayed there: Nathaniel Hawthorne.  As an English teacher, one of the most difficult and challenging novels I have taught is The Scarlet Letter.  So, to imagine him in this inn was simply extraordinary to just can't take the teacher out of the gal!

Love the little cottages, too! We don't have this much green grass in Colorado!  

Love the garden gate....

Love the dormer windows on top, too.....

A lot of the glass in many of the homes was can tell if you look closely at the 'waviness'

The gardens were simply gorgeous....and this attached gazebo on this inn was so charming

Here's the front view of the inn in Edgartown

Clapboard homes are pretty wonderful, too

Don't you just want to open the gate and go knock? Of course, with a plate of cookies!

I snapped this pic because even their garage had a window box!

Flowers just go better with a white picket fence!

Well, I think you get the message that I loved walking down the streets in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven.....we held hands, stopped for coffee or tea, a cupcake or two and took it all in.....I picked up a real estate guide and brought it home....just in case, you know!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  I'm not an expert by any means, but I can tell you some of the places we saw that were definitely worth the visit....and I LOVE comments!!  Hint...Hint.....


  1. i shall share these pics with my mom who grew up on island. won't she be surprised. you certainly captured the quaintness. <3

  2. The first picture is my favorite! I adore white houses with black shutters! A red door would be nice, too.


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