Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The big 3-0!

When my youngest daughter graduated from Vet School, I never thought she'd move away....

but she did.

Here she is in cap and gown at last year's graduation

I even made a graduation outfit for her dog Polaris....she named her that because Polaris is the North Star...her guiding light.  Here, Polaris posed like a champ right in front of the Vet School, along with a bronze cat and horse.  I hope you can see the humor in it!

Now, my daughter lives in California and sends me wonderful pictures of her going to amazing places like one of my favorite bakeries....I have this adorable cookbook.  


I miss hanging out with her, baking with her, and shopping with her, too....

Entering a cupcake baking contest

But, she's got an adventurous side, for sure....I would NEVER handle a snake, not even a pretend one.  That's just yucky.  But I guess if you're going to be a vet, you need to work with all kinds of animals...

When she worked at The Wilds in Ohio

She likes exotic animals, too....and she'll be traveling to Africa this summer to do more research on her PhD project.  She certainly keeps entertained!

She may be a doctor, a wife, a colleague, a friend, a neighbor...

but she's still my little girl...

so I was SO EXCITED when she said she was coming HOME to celebrate her 30th birthday with me!

So, while she was here, we went to a local nursery so I could give her some gardening tips, since she and her husband now have a garden of their own...

We went out to dinner to celebrate....

Another shot of a local nursery....but don't get any ideas...we do not plant here until after May 15th, unless you just want frozen plants!

We went shopping for bridesmaids' dresses, since she's going to be a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding. The colors are mint green and peachy-coral.

Of course, when she saw this baby goat....she just had to pick it up!

And, after dinner, we came home to dessert.  I had made her a genoise with pastry cream and whipped cream on top with fresh raspberries.  We also had some gelato, coffee, tea, milk

And then we opened presents.  She got a new water bottle....

Blew out her 3-0 candles

Got a new pitcher in her favorite color....

Even found some paw wrapping paper....

Had a great breakfast before they had to leave...

It was a whirlwind weekend...but on Monday, the 15th...
We woke up to this....

So, on the day she had to leave here to go home, they had a long, slow drive to the airport in the snow...

What a day...

And also the day of the Boston Marathon and all the horrific news that unfolded throughout the day....

Counting my blessings and not years

Grateful for her visit
The snow
The heroes
For Life


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The REAL girl gets the REAL snowstorm!

In my last post, I wrote about a potential storm.  It was touted as the Blizzard of 2013!

It never arrived.  We got lots of damaging wind, which dried things out even further, about an inch of sideways snow that didn't accumulate at all, and severe cold...

Then it warmed up again.

My daughter was scheduled to arrive on Friday, April 12....
and now they were talking about yet another storm. 

This time, however, the weather forecasters were being a bit more cautious.  They had become the brunt of jokes made of them regarding their last bit of silly predictions on snowfall amounts.  And, we're in a severe drought, so saying we were going to get some much needed moisture and then not getting any was like rubbing salt into a wound, as they say....

But this time, it was quite different. 

The wonderful weekend story will have to wait until the next post, because I know you want to see snow in April, right?  


Monday morning, April 15th....around 8 am.  My daughter's flight  left at 7:40  am, so for traveling and getting to the airport on time, this was not ideal.  She did make it there safely and on time, but just got there as they were boarding.  Thankfully, she thought ahead and left her carry-on with her husband, who was staying longer because of a business meeting he had in Denver.  

It was dark and the sky was filled with beautiful heavy, white snow. 

I'm driving while I'm taking these photos....

The streets were quickly getting clogged with the heavy snow. 

I had to stop at the local post office that morning.  Here, our flag between the snow-laden trees.

It started to come down even heavier, and I quickly went to get groceries and provisions for the days ahead when I vowed to stay in and off the streets.

Ahhhh....home and freshly filled birdie feeders.

A Winter Wonderland....

The birds came in by the droves

And chirped and carried on at all the feeders

And today, the 16th, the roads are melting and the robins are about looking for water to drink.

And the feeders are quickly being emptied by my hungry feathered friends

And this round fat robin waits for Spring....

Blessings to Each and All....
We are all connected by what happened in Boston yesterday and our Hearts are Heavy.

May you each find a way to find joy and love in your lives

May you each have a reason to count your Blessings

May you each find Peace in your Hearts

Thank you for being a part of my Life


Monday, April 8, 2013

Beavers and a Potential snowstorm....oh let it be....let it be....

Right now I'm wishing for SNOW. We're dry, dry, dry, and yesterday's trip to the mountains made it perfectly clear that we're in serious trouble around here.   

So, if you're interested, go to and look at Colorado's forecast for tomorrow.  Keep in mind, that it was 74 degrees F. here on Saturday!!

Now, the fun stuff.  Yesterday, we did lots of things, but one of the things we did was visit the beavers of Estes Park.  They are fascinating.  A little destructive....but fun to watch.  What engineers they are!!

This is the area approaching the beaver dams.  

this rail was recently installed to just 'warn' people to keep their distance

as you can see, there aren't many trees left  in this area!

Here's one of the dams.  Look closely, or click on picture to enlarge; you can see how the water is all backed up.  This is Fish Creek.

There's a good side shot of one of the dams

There are DOZENS of dams along this stretch of the creek.

They don't waste a thing, either.  They eat all the bark and use all the wood

And they create a 'lumber yard' of sorts for their building, leaving chewed and  'beaver-shaped' stumps where they've chewed down trees.

AND, in case you're interested, here's an amazing video of their work!!

Love you all...thank you for stopping by!!!!!!

Pray for SNOW!!!

Yes, even in APRIL!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Week in Colorado

We've had a much needed snowstorm this past weekend....remnants of the snow still remain as the winds blew fiercely and piled snow in drifts along fences and on the north sides of buildings. 

The Rockies got a fresh dusting of powdered sugar, the roads took on an icy edge...

And the dry landscape took on a more snowy look.

The rivers are melting, but it is very obvious their levels are quite low.

The grasslands are harshly under-watered and are quick to catch fire

And a week before Easter, here's how the sleepy town of Estes Park looks

The winding roads got a bit more treacherous

The animals were lured closer to the roadways to find tidbits to eat

And the elk came out of the forests to bask in the sunshine with their friends.  If you look closely, you can see a bird approaching this one in the middle.....

It is no longer safe to walk across ponds and streams

And even the elk (look closely in the background) are beginning to look for a picnic site!

Lovely Easter cards have arrived in the mail from faraway friends who make me smile

Moss is beginning to appear on the rock outcroppings

And the feeders are emptying faster and faster as nests are beginning to appear in the pines

I'm working on table settings for the upcoming wedding and seeing how our mismatched plates and silverware will all go together

And the Easter decorations have graced my bookshelves

There are bunnies and eggs everywhere!!

But most of all, there is the hope of Spring!!

The joy of rebirth

The promise of life and love and renewal

May you each be blessed with a joyous Easter and my the bunny bring you a basket filled with fun!