Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Thursday, April 26, 2012

just a bit of everything...

Lots going on lately, and as my youngest daughter's graduation gets closer and closer, we try to hang out with one another more often....knowing that when she and her husband move to CA, things will be quite different.  The weekend before last, we went over to her house for desserts and Wii.  The picture below has two of my daughters dancing side by side to a Michael Jackson's 'game' on the the was fun watching them.  The last time I played with them, I threw my shoulder out boxing....yes, I did.  I hurt for a week, so this time, I chose watching over participating. 
l-r: middle daughter, her boyfriend, youngest daughter

Here's the desserts: cream puffs with pastry cream and fresh strawberries and a GF chocolate cake with berries.  The flowers were from youngest daughter's husband for her 29th birthday. 

A new running shirt to go with her running partner....I should say partners because both her dog AND her husband run with her several days a week

Last week, I had a Spanish cooking class and last night (Wednesday), I had an Indian cooking class.  At the shop where I take my classes, they have a rather significant section of British foods.  I thought that my friends Rachel and Jennifer and  Morwenna would enjoy seeing the next two pictures....

 Check out their lovely blogs if you haven't already.... 

So we can get some of the foods of England, but not what I REALLY love.... Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston and my very hard to find Winton Evesham china pattern that is enormously expensive in the US.

 Here's one of the recipes we made in class last night....
 And here's the classroom....complete with 'mirror'  so we can see what's cookin'!

I hope all of you are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all of your prayers and kind thoughts and well wishes for my sweetheart....he never complains, so I know he is not well right now, but we haven't a clue as to what it is....

so, lots to do!!  I'm preparing for graduation and an upcoming visit from my mom (she's German so the white glove cleaning will be happening around here!)

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                      xo  Joann

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now that Easter is past, it's time to think about what is coming next.... and that is GRADUATION!!!

But before I tell you more about that....let me share some of the photographs from Easter Brunch, which was held at Pappadeux Seafood House....  it's a chain and my oldest daughter selected it as a favorite.  Last year, we went to The Broadmoor but this year we wanted to try something different.  

It was QUITE different on many levels, but I think everyone had a great time and I know that we all had fun seeing one another and laughing and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather we had last Sunday. 

There was outdoor music

A rather odd looking rabbit

and here comes my oldest daughter and her husband and youngest granddaughter

Middle daughter and boyfriend

Youngest daughter and husband
 We also celebrated their birthdays since one is on April 6 and the other on April 13....
granddaughter getting silly

had to get a little card from Susan Branch, right?  YES!

and a new vest for a new journey

and just had to show you the multiple Easter bunnies that came into our front yard...look closely!

and the cake I made for daughter's birthday to take into school to share with fellow students
                                                  Feeling very BLESSED and GRATEFUL.

Saddened this week in the loss of Dick Clark.  I went to school with his son, Richard Jr.  Here he is on THIS IS YOUR LIFE:

                                                       This is your life


             I know this dates me....but so happy and proud to have been a part of the Bandstand generation!

Monday, April 9, 2012

How was your Easter weekend?

I LOVE Springtime, but in the Rocky Mountains, springtime is usually the snowiest time!  This year, however, things are quite different.  Blame it on global warming or not, it's unusual everywhere.  More wind, less moisture----that does NOT make a good and healthy environment, I can tell you that!

Aside from that....Easter weekend was glorious!!!  On Sunday, the temperatures were in the mid-70's and I've hidden Easter eggs in the snow before....

We had an Easter egg hunt with two of the daughters and their 'boys.'  One is married; the other....soon to be maybe????  (he does fit in perfectly!)  We shall see...

                   Anyway....the unusually warm weather has resulted in the trees blooming about two months early.  Here is our current front porch with blossoming trees on either side of the porch.  Allergies, anyone??

and the other side....

We had a HUGE wind that has now blown a lot of this away (and all over the porch), but the weather for the next week is supposed to be in the 60's or better, so at least those fresh new buds won't freeze this week.  I'm going to be on the safe side and not plant my pots quite yet though....
And Easter was just amazing....

                                                            There was the indoor hunting of the eggs....

                                                                            oh, don't forget that one on top of the picture frame!!

                 And then the race to the eggs hidden in the teeny-tiny back yard!!

                                                                                        And then, of course, you have to receive a few silly things in your Easter sponge rollers, right?  YES!

                                   and then everyone sits around and counts their eggs....
and the winner is?  
                                                    64 eggs!!!  Yay.....OK, put 'em away until next year!!

                                                 Now it's time for Easter brunch!!