fresh eggs

fresh eggs
my daughter's hens laid these gorgeous eggs...almost too pretty to eat, but they are scrumptious

Monday, October 6, 2014

9 months

I cannot even believe it has been this long since I have done a post.....but if I tell you what has transpired since the last post, it will all become clear.

I'm not going to bring you to the present just yet.....but the last post was January 6th.  On January 21, 2014, I received a phone call from my step-dad.  "Your mom isn't feeling well."  "I'll be right over was my response."

It took 5 minutes to get to her home....we moved her to Colorado in November, 2013 because I'm her only child and with them getting older and just made sense.

Anyway, we arrived and she looked good but said she had an upset stomach.  She had also checked her blood pressure and it was up.  She had sipped on ginger ale and said she was starting to feel better.  It was 4:30 AM.  I told her we were taking her to the hospital and at first, she said it was not necessary.....

We drove the 20 minutes to the hospital...I was in the back seat with her, holding her hand.  We weren't racing at all, but we were a bit worried.  R dropped us off at the emergency room door where I got her into a wheelchair while he parked the car.  I pushed her in and she told them her name and birth date.  Then, while holding her hand, I began to tell the attendant why we were there.  In an instant, she jerked my hand, and when I looked to her to see what was the matter, her head was back, her eyes and mouth wide open.  I got into her face and called MOM!!!!!!!!  No response and no change in her expression.  Then I began to scream for help.

Fast forward through the night and she had several more episodes like this.  She went through CPR and 6 electric shock treatments.  They also put in two stents into the worst artery that caused the cardiac arrest.

A week in the hospital and several weeks in cardiac rehab. My middle daughter and I took turns staying with her every night....bringing food, comfortable flannel linens, clean jammies and socks. There was a terrible snowstorm during this time as well............we made it through it all.

When she came home, she was quite weak and we all did what we could to pitch in.  My step-dad had never boiled water before.  Now he was learning to make oatmeal and cook an egg. She went through months of cardiac rehab after she got home, too and lots of doctor appointments.  New meds, new ways of doing things....fear.

Spring came and we thought that the hope of summer would lighten her spirit.  I planted tomatoes, flowers, did lots of work in her yard to make it pretty.  I brought over pots for her porch so she could sit out there and it would be pretty.

A lump appeared on her jawline.  She went to several dermatologists and doctors who couldn't quite figure out what it was.  They gave her antibiotics, creams, and heat packs.  Finally, an ENT decided to do a biopsy on it.

My youngest daughter was visiting with my new grandson.....YES, that happened, too!!  The phone rang while we were chatting and it was the ENT.  After some small talk, he told me, "Your mom has lymphoma."  What?  I thought she was recovering from her heart event?  She had cancer 12 years ago or so and all went well.  She had a complete hysterectomy.  Today, my mom had her third round of a chemo drug which makes her tired...very tired.  She also wants to move back to Arizona.  It is all very confusing and some days, I don't know what to do.  Tonight, I made eggplant parm.  I'll bring it over tomorrow for them to bake or maybe I'll bake it and bring it less meal for them to have to worry about.

Since my last post, a lot happened.  This is just one area of my life that happened.  There is so much more.  But this post is about being real and not every day is full of perfection.  Sometimes, perfection comes from seeing that life is each breath we take and appreciating each breath, each moment, each interaction, each learning.  It is October 6.  9 months since my last post.  Time enough to birth a baby, right?

So, let me introduce my 3rd grandchild and my first amazing story all his own and one I'll tell about he is!!
♥I am in love ♥

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fall Trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland

From my German heritage is born a need to 'go back' and just be there.  The first time I went was a few years ago, and I've been yearning to go again ever since.  As I look through my photographs, I am yearning once again.  It feels like home; it just does. 

 In fact, if I could get all of my family to move to Europe, I would....
 Salzburg, Austria is a city I did not see on my first trip.  And because of a dear friend who tempted me with its beauty, I made certain that it had top priority.  Rachel, from has been there a multitude of times....I found it enchanting and wanted to stay far longer than we were able to.  We had reservations that evening and had to press on.....but it shall be on my 'to do' list again.

some of the shops in Salzburg.... including Gmundner, Steiff, Geiger, and Hummel

I have many pieces from this the chunky feel of the creamy white pottery

and cows....well, I just can't get enough cows....ever

the train to Wengen, Switzerland.  I cannot capture the beauty in a photograph

a home with flower boxes everywhere.  This I ADORE

taking a cable car in Austria #scaredoutofmymind 

outdoor cafe's, lakes, flowers, mountains....the Jungfrau region

the mountain in the background is where we took the cable car

we 'rented' a dog in Wengen, Switzerland to take for a walk in the mouintains.   All proceeds went to a children's cancer research fund....and we had a GREAT time owning a pet for a bit when we can't right now

no trip complete with an excursion in Interlacken

my reading material during the trip....LOVE!


stocked pond near a private 'home' distillery of vodka and pine oil

The sun was bright, the air was warm but crisp.  Some days required a jacket, but many did not.  

I want to go back....and I have so many more photographs to share....of England and meeting wonderful friends I've made who are in my heart....
I feel now even closer to my heritage and understand more clearly from where I came....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Fine Romance

if you click on the pictures, they get bigger and easier to see....
Cadie reading the first chapter of A FineRomance by Susan Branch

 I just want to get all the photos I can out to those who aren't able to see them on FB.  We had an incredible time and the summer of yard work, gardening, weeding, putting in rocks, was all so worth it and I'd do it again and again..........especially for such lovely people who appreciated it all so very much!
from the arrival of the rocks

to the dumping of the rocks...and trust me it was SO HOT!

after pulling out so many weeds that you can't even believe....this home had been terribly neglected, but now it's so pretty.....We then laid landscape fabric and put in the rocks

this raised bed was there, but not the walkway in front.  The weeds here were literally 3 feet high and embedded into the soil.  It took shovels to get them all out

Out of order, but I made all the bouts for the wedding...C and K wanted natural looking things and their wedding colors were primarily mint green and peach

After she found her dress, I made her this sash.  We found ones to buy upward of $250.00 and thought how ridiculous that is.....

I also scoured GoodWill, TJ Maxx and other places for things to 'decorate' like this 3 tiered dessert tray that we used for the cupcakes

C's work gave the couple this at a party for them.  Remember K's twin brother ALSO works at the same place where Cadie works; that's how they met

2 days before the wedding, we all went for pedicures.  Amanda is in the distance and my mom is up front

Cadie the morning of the wedding

and here she is reading a lovely note from her future husband with my granddaughter Alayna checking out her earrings
This is her kitty Millie....looks a little like Susan Branch's Jack!!  Maybe they should meet!

Kris's Mom putting a vintage necklace on her to wear (borrow) during the wedding.  It had belonged to Kris's grandma.  On the round table in the background is Susan Branch's framed print:  When You Marry Him (click here)

My three daughters: Brie, Cadie, Amanda

This is Kris's brother's wife (Christina) and their new baby Emma.  Emma was a flower girl!

My sweetheart, who officiated the ceremony, all ready to go

Amanda's husband Chad who was one of the groomsmen

Kris's Mom Teresa

the girls

Kris's bike parked out front with balloons to welcome the guests

the arbor to pass under and go into the gate to the backyard

after entering the gate, this is what you saw

the appetizer table that was set up for guests to nibble on while everyone was having pictures taken after the ceremony

all the girls

another shot

inside the tent
mixed-matched vintage china, silverware, linens

setting up the food

the sweetheart table with the garden in the background

all the family

Amanda and Rod talk with the granddaughters

the dessert table

that's my stepdad with the white hair

first dance on the back porch

kitties waiting for mom while they were away on their honeymoon.  I checked on them every day and cleaned out their litter box...........but it's not the same without mom

the back yard AFTER the tent was taken down and I mowed their lawn just before they came home

we picked them up from the airport and decorated the car

all tan and happy....back from Bora-Bora

walking around their new home after their trip...
Again....out of order: me tying on the sash

me and my girlies

tent going up

the ceremony

her bouquet
a kiss in the sunshine

a send-off with sparklers

their rings....hers is an antique ring engraved with 1917 on it....old souls (like me) like old things

family picture

love this

before the guests arrived

 Hope you enjoyed it....thank you for coming along on the journey....xoxo
at night with all the twinkle lights