Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Susan Branch calendar

I have a little surprise for YOU!!!!

I have found a Susan Branch 12X12 wall calendar....yes, it's 2012, so if YOU have not gotten one, here's your chance to get one for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what you have to do:

1.  Subscribe to my blog

2.  Leave me a comment

3.  I will announce the winner next week and then I'll mail it out to you!!!! 

IS THAT EXCITING or what?    YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so come join will be FUN! 
We'll get REAL together!



so, here's a little enticement for you....go visit Susan's website at

and see if you don't agree how CUTE everything is.....
and then come back and sign up for a

Please note:  I purchased this calendar myself.  I am not affiliated with
I just know how many people didn't get one and I found one...

so it's from ME to YOU!!!

OK....subscribe and leave me a comment so I can send the lucky winner the calendar!


  1. Hi Joann! Don't include me in the giveaway...I am already so blessed Susan-Branch-wise that I'd rather someone else had the joy! But I just wanted to say hello & happy Monday! xoxo R

    1. Happy Monday Rachel!!! I've just heard so many people say that they missed out, so I wanted someone to have it that wouldn't get one otherwise....

  2. Hi Joann..I hope this is open to those are already followers! I would absolutely LOVE to win this as I don't have one of these calendars!!

    Thank you so much for this marvelous giveaway!


  3. Hi Joann, I am new to your blog and look forward to reading more of it. I now have you on my Google home page. I love Susan Branch & was so disappointed when I couldn't get her 2012 calendar because it was sold out on Amazon. Hoping to win it! Thank you very much! :D

  4. Hello Joann,

    How very sweet of you to do a give-away! I already have Susan's 2012 calendar, so please don't include me. Hope you are enjoying the last few days leading to Spring. Good luck to everyone! xoxo

  5. Well, so far, it's between Doris and Gert!!!! You girls have a 50/50 chance it this keeps up!!! LOL

  6. I missed getting a calendar this year. I'd love to win it! I've been a Susan Branch fan for over 10 years and have her books. Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much Joann for your wonderful give away. I have
    been a huge fan of Susan Branch's since I first saw her work
    in Country Living magazine years ago. I have almost all of
    her books and I visit her blog daily. I am new to your blog,
    but it looks like we have a lot of similar interests. I think
    many of us are kindred spirits. I looked for her calendar in
    several stores this year, but was unable to find one. Thanks
    for a chance to win one!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Fondly,
    Another Susan

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  9. Susan Branch's blog post was a lot of fun...I missed getting the 2012, so I'd love to be included in the draw! I'm crazy about your photo of the bunnies & the Easter shops like that! Hugs!


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