Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Friday, July 24, 2015

Arriving in England

Wow, am I behind!!!  I suppose you may want to see a few of the things we saw in our ONE DAY in England!!

We were going to spend a week, but my mom had been diagnosed with lymphoma just a week prior to our trip, so we cancelled all the extended plans but did not cancel the cruise itself (because it was too late).

I still long for a more lengthy stay..... investigating the lake district, the farmlands, and all the hidden treasures of this beautiful country.....

Departing the lovely lady was difficult....a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I shall never forget!!

terminal to exit

Our first stop was a rental car---once acquired, we had 24 hours of fun to be had!! So off we went!

  The adventure to our bed and breakfast was fun....lots of darling, quaint towns to pass through, railroad tracks to cross over, flowers to see!!

Our first sign for Milfor-on-Sea, where our bed and breakfast was located.  This location was perfect because it was quite close to Southampton where the ship came in.

Of course, driving on the left took some thinking!! I was the co-pilot..... always saying..."too far left"  "too far right"  ....

And here it is, The Beach House, where we stayed.  Owned by French folks who served a wonderful breakfast and welcomed us with fresh apples and lovely smiles, we were delighted to get settled.

Here, the view from our upstairs.... across a patio area, gardens, and the sea...

This was our suite---and the bath was glorious.  I don't know why I didn't get a picture of it....extra large tub, fluffy towels....very nice!

We did some reading about this forest, very close to where Morwenna lives!!

It was difficult choosing a place to eat that night....there were so many wonderful choices!  We walked from our inn as nice!!

I LOVE Indian food!!

After a good night's sleep, we packed up and headed to Winchester.  I had seen it briefly on my last visit, but longed for more.  And, it was on the way to the London airport...

First stop, tea for two

Loved the hedges, the thatched roof houses, the chimney stacks....all the green!

And here it is...Winchester Cathedral....Jane Austin, a beloved author, is buried there.

Winchester is home to many, many, many shops and is a delight!

Many tea shops, gift shops, restaurants, and antique stores, too

Look at this gorgeous wall of pansies.... surrounding a doorway

Baskets of flowers were dripping in blooms!

Inside the cathedral...

yes...........a cricket game!!

I love seeing how people shop....this butcher had beautiful meats in his window.
 And, I love the little banners....they were everywhere.  Buntings are just cute, aren't they?

Just an alley between homes.... flowered and lovely

This building looked almost German or Austrian...

Candy store...

Antique store!!

And then....time to get in the car and head to the airport.  Luggage?  Check?  Passports?  Check....  Ready to go?  hmmmmm....please no!

but we did....

Until next time!


  1. Very sorry that it was so short this time & we didn't get to see you two...come back soon! Hope you're having a great summer so far and not worrying about your dear Mom too much xoxo

  2. So,sorry to hear about your Mom. But looks like you enjoyed your short visit to England. It looks beautiful and so welcoming...

    Prayers and blessings,

  3. Dearest Joann, It looks like you made the most of your twenty-fours in England! The bed and breakfast where you stayed overnight looks lovely from the outside! And your suite was gorgeous! I hope that you can revisit soon and stay for at least a week. I dream of visiting one day, too. Let's meet up in the Lake District, shall we? XOXO


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