Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My April Garden

It's wonderful to see how Spring is coming to places all over the world.....I've seen how little things are popping up in the forests of Austria and I've seen how the grass is turning green and the trees are blossoming in England.....
But here in Colorado, Spring comes slowly.  Winter has a tenacious grip on the land and even the flowers that dare to poke their heads above the soil are oftentimes met with a garish glaze from winter's eyes.  It can easily snow a foot in March or April and it most definitely will dip at night into the twenties and thirties fahrenheit until Mid-May......

But there is some hope out there....just today, some 10 miles south of here, there were blossoms on trees and they were glorious.  But here, right here at home, there are tiny smidgens of life....and so, here is my garden:

Lots of dark skies lately....but as you can see....that's a LAWN out there and it's NOT GREEN.

Here is the rhubarb, making its way.  It's a sturdy plant....just wait until June; you will not believe it...and from it will come pies and pies and pies.....and some more pies!

Here are my tulips....some will never bloom, I'm afraid.  The soil is so bad, so dry, so hard....yet is too cold to do much about on most days.  Still, they rally each year....hoping to find CA instead of CO

sad little creatures, aren't they?

Here's more of the rhubarb......

rhubarb....we have lots of rhubarb

Here's a close-up of our trees; not too much going on quite yet....maybe next week (or month)

these are poppies....and are extraordinary when they're up.  They are short-lived, but I'll capture a photo
And here was the backyard last was all gone by dinnertime, but was quite interesting to wake up to!!

Don't get me wrong....I LOVE Colorado.....and the garden will come, but a bit keep posting your lovely photographs of your gardens....I will live vicariously through them for now

And here's our pond right's leaking and so workers have drained it and are searching for a leak.  It's quite an undertaking.....the fish (all 54 of them) are in a temporary 'pool' with an aerator


  1. Wow Joann! Such an interesting seeing your hibernating garden so different from ours! We are opening ours to the public in June & right now I'm worried that all the good stuff will be over by then as all is so far ahead! It will all come in good time to CO I know & I can't wait to see it with you! xo Rachel

  2. Thank you Rachel---opening to the public? HOW FUN!!!! That is pretty exciting! I love to go on garden tours--and home tours!

    Thank you sweetie!! xo Joann

  3. It was so fun seeing how things are coming along in CO! I think basically you get colder weather longer than we do at the cabin. It still can snow in May and we can't put any annuals in until mid-May. Your tulips looks very healthy and so does the yummy rubarb!! It will all be here soon and please put up more picks!! Just love them!! Hugs, Sherry xx

  4. Hello Joann!
    Loved the sneak peak into your garden. It is looking very similar to ours,here in Barrie. We have the same tenacious winter grip! But slowly, sprouts are coming in too. I actually woke up to a dusting of snow on rooftops and grass this morning. Hoping it will melt throughout the day. Thanks for sharing your pics with us. I'm looking forward to seeing more soon! xxoo


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