Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not much going on here yet

The Garden----here it was just a month earlier---pretty sleepy and just barely greening up----if you step off my back porch and make an immediate left, you will see the arbor....clematis clings to the arbor and I've left the dried vines from last year to
help hold this year's growth----we'll see how that works.

But here in June, the clematis is springing up quite nicely but has not bloomed yet

The rhubarb a month ago....

And the rhubarb on June 2, 2011
the garden near the pond a month ago in May

Lots more colors and varieties which have popped up
And my peonies back in May?  Just barely peeking their heads above the soil....
and things looking rather gloomy that day!


Quite a difference!!! But they still haven't bloomed....that's OK....I'll have a big vase ready for 'em when they do!
One of my little flower pots

Here's the poppy plant now....almost ready to POP!

Lilacs are now blooming and they smell heavenly

flowers, ferns, and peonies

hanging baskets, bears, and birdhouses


some of my potted flowers

hanging baskets and a lilac bush near the porch

more baskets

my roses just taking off...

my strawberries and the little bundle of white? for my birdies to take for nest building

the pond and!

my sprouts of parsley

and my sign in the garden.....
                                                                         Hope you enjoyed the tour----wish you all could come over for tea and dessert on the back porch.....I'd love it!!   xoxo


  1. Lilacs are heaven on earth. And if not much is in bloom just yet, well, it's still all ahead to look forward to, of course. :)

  2. Oh, so lovely, Joann!! All your green growies are thriving after such a long winter! I always have loved lilacs (and lily of the valley). Thank you so much for your lovely garden tour and yes, would that I could make it over to have tea on the back porch and sit and chit chat!! Maybe someday, sweetie!! Always love your blog, Sherry xx

  3. Hi my darling friend! So sorry that I've only just got around to reading this lovely wonderful to see your beautiful garden SPRINGING into life! Paul is power washing our deck right now - we're opening the garden next Sunday (19th) & there's a lot still to do! Will take lots of pictures. Are you taking any special plants with you when you move? I always think that's one of the saddest things about leaving a home...Love to you xoxo

  4. Dear Joann,

    Your garden is looking lovely! Thank you so much for the tour. I love the lilacs...ours are all gone now. I also enjoyed seeing your potted flowers on the steps and the hanging baskets. It is all looking so green and beautiful. I wish I could come over for tea and dessert! Wouldn't that be fun?! xoxo


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