Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, April 9, 2012

How was your Easter weekend?

I LOVE Springtime, but in the Rocky Mountains, springtime is usually the snowiest time!  This year, however, things are quite different.  Blame it on global warming or not, it's unusual everywhere.  More wind, less moisture----that does NOT make a good and healthy environment, I can tell you that!

Aside from that....Easter weekend was glorious!!!  On Sunday, the temperatures were in the mid-70's and I've hidden Easter eggs in the snow before....

We had an Easter egg hunt with two of the daughters and their 'boys.'  One is married; the other....soon to be maybe????  (he does fit in perfectly!)  We shall see...

                   Anyway....the unusually warm weather has resulted in the trees blooming about two months early.  Here is our current front porch with blossoming trees on either side of the porch.  Allergies, anyone??

and the other side....

We had a HUGE wind that has now blown a lot of this away (and all over the porch), but the weather for the next week is supposed to be in the 60's or better, so at least those fresh new buds won't freeze this week.  I'm going to be on the safe side and not plant my pots quite yet though....
And Easter was just amazing....

                                                            There was the indoor hunting of the eggs....

                                                                            oh, don't forget that one on top of the picture frame!!

                 And then the race to the eggs hidden in the teeny-tiny back yard!!

                                                                                        And then, of course, you have to receive a few silly things in your Easter sponge rollers, right?  YES!

                                   and then everyone sits around and counts their eggs....
and the winner is?  
                                                    64 eggs!!!  Yay.....OK, put 'em away until next year!!

                                                 Now it's time for Easter brunch!!                                                                             


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter, Joann. I'd love to know what you served for brunch!

    Here's to rain in the Rockies (but not freezing temps). We leave for Colorado in 47 days. Can't wait to be home again!


    1. I hope your trip to CO is wonderful....

  2. Love all your photos, looks like all your family had an amazing and fun time!


  3. Hi Joann! Lovely pictures of happy family...beautiful! So glad that you all had a wonderful time. After record high temperatures in March, we are back to normal...cold, rain & wind all weekend. It's sunny this morning as I write, but still cold & breezy. As you say's the best thing in Spring. Weird temperatures aren't quite right, however lovely to be warm outside! Have a great week xoxo

  4. It looks like you had a perfect Easter weekend! The weather was beautiful and I love how everyone is dressed so Spring-like! How fun to include the adults in the egg hunt! We do it just for the girls and the egg hunt is usually indoors because it's either too cold or too snowy! I'm so glad it was a beautiful day for you all! You can tell by all the smiles! xoxo

  5. Oh what FUN that Easter Egg Hunt looked like! We did not have nice weather for Easter, it was cold and rainy, it felt so odd. However, I have had snowy Easters at home before, so this was nothing new. But, I have never been on an Easter Egg hunt in the snow! And, I can't believe how many eggs you hid! You were one busy lady! I hope you are having a lovely week, we are sitting by a cozy fire, staying toasty and about to munch on some warm chocolate chip cookies! Thinking of you! Love, Jennifer
    P.S. Your girls looked so pretty for Easter!

  6. Joann, this is a really delightful Easter Egg Hunts! I laughed out loud at the sponge rollers! Gosh, I haven't see those since...the 60's?

    I really appreciated the comment you left me at Enikö's Playhouse. -A giant compliment, especially since it came from an English teacher! I'm sure there was a wonderful English teacher in my life at some point who taught me the 5 "W's" & I'm sure I merely regurgitated it after all these years...ha, ha. Thanks for visiting Enikö's Playhouse!


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