Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.....

I hope that each of you is blessed with love....

                     I hope that each of you blesses someone else's life with love.

                                                    One day a year.... is that all there is?

One day a year to share...

Your heart with someone very dear

Far away or very near?

I say this day is just a reminder

Of how all our life should be

To give our love to those whose lives

Touch ours with kindness be

So maybe on this very Day

Make it the first day of this year

To tell someone how much they mean
 to you

but do not fear....

because their hearts will open wide

Their souls be uplifted

With words and actions of kindness and love

Their day will certainly be shifted

There are no lonely hearts on Earth

Who have just one true friend

To share a laugh; to praise a deed

someone on whom you can depend

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends

To my family, To my Sweetheart

May you all be blessed with Joy and Peace

and may this day be a NEW love-filled start

to a year of words filled with kindness

to a year of thoughts filled with light

to a year of memories made special

by moments of awe and delight...

Happy Valentine's Day..



  1. Thank you for such a lovely post! Even though I don't know you personally, I've taken it to my heart. ♡Cathy

  2. How lovely Joann! As someone who spreads love everywhere she goes, I know that you'll be having a wonderful Valentines Day! Sending a big hug xoxo

  3. That was just beautiful,Joann! You are right. Love should be shown the whole year through, not just on this day. Just like the Thanksgiving holiday...every day should be a cause for giving thanks, not only on Thanksgiving. These days should serve as a reminder to us...a reminder to love and give thanks, not just today, but every day! Happy Valentine's day, my sweet friend! xoxo

  4. Joann... I love the thought of "shifting hearts" How many blessings await us when we reach out beyond ourselves and give that little spark of kindness to others. This will indeed be a year of love for you! Happy Wedding Planning! Georgie xoxo


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