Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The first thing I made in the new place....breakfast

I will soon be picking all of the basil and other herbs in the backyard.  I'll dry some of them, such as the rosemary, and I'll make pesto from the basil.  But one morning recently, several ripe tomatoes were calling to me....

 I picked some basil and got out the big pan....Rod was upstairs working and could smell something delicious....a smell he hasn't experienced in a great while with all of our upheaval around here....It was time to get crackin' in the kitchen!
 It's not the stove of my dreams, but it makes food warm, so I'm happy....
a little olive oil in the pan and get things heated up

now for the egg whites

add the basil

and some organic cheese

some roasted turkey slices---

some of those fresh tomatoes


and serve with some fresh Colorado Rocky Ford cantaloupe, more fresh tomatoes, basil and a few black seedless grapes, even though they look like giant olives!  Rocky Ford, CO is known as the 'melon capital of the world!' It is known for its amazing melons.....and this one was awesome!!!

For the eggwhites, I LOVE Organic Valley Certified Organic Egg whites---they are nutritious and fat and cholesterol free....Here's their LINK: ORGANIC EGG WHITES

Oftentimes, I'll add other vegetables such as asparagus, mushrooms, onions, etc., but I haven't totally stocked the new place with everything yet---we've been so busy getting set up, that there is little time for cooking!!!  But, it's time to get going with things here, even if it's not all together yet.....healthy eating is important to me and I adore cooking and baking....

                                                 so, here's to finding the kitchen!


  1. Dearest Joann,

    Cheers to finding your kitchen!! Your omelette looks absolutely delicious! I love how you incorporated your fresh basil and garden tomatoes into your omelette. Thanks for sharing your first meal with us. I think the house becomes a home once the first meal is prepared, don't you? Funny, that I just posted about basil and tomatoes, too. Great minds think alike, they say. Happy September sweetie! xo

  2. Thank you soooo much for the healthy post, Joann!!! Oh, so yummy!!! I use "egg beaters", but have never tried organic egg whites, but I shall now!! Don't you just love fresh fruits and veggies?! It would not take much and I would turn vegan! Ha! You are making your new home so lovely, Joann!!!! Sending a big hug, Sherry xxx


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