Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A last look......

Before I remove the pots, pick up the rugs, haul the furniture away, and carry the potting bench to its new home, a last look.....

I'm moving from 3 acres to a backyard the size of my kitchen, and it's a plot of ground that has never been gardened at all.  It is full of weeds about 3 feet high and has a small deck that is beginning to rot....

I know it's temporary, but I want to make the best of it, so I'll take you on my journey from my little paradise oasis back yard which I treasure and feel blessed to ever have had and I will honor the small space I've been given instead and make it my own....

the pots will all come along with me on the journey; however, the pond must stay, of course

My STARGAZERS are now blooming!!!!!!!!!

                                                                          And there it is.......all of it!!!
    Truly, I am not as selfish as I sound here....just a bit melancholy, but I do know that all of this is for a reason.  The lovely folks who have purchased our home lost their log home in a terrible and devastating fire in the early part of the THEY have a new place to call home.....and our future story is still a mystery, so I will make the best of each day and count my blessings......

Stay TUNED!!!



  1. Dearest Joann, I can FEEL what a wrench this will be for you and how you're struggling not to crumble into a heap with the loss of your beloved garden...I KNOW I would feel just the same. Whatever possessed the person who painted that tiger print? (LOL maybe that's it...they were possessed!) You'll find the perfect place soon and it will be such fun to transform somewhere new into your personal paradise again.I think you are really brave and positive. All will be well, I know it xoxo Sending a consoling hug & much love

  2. Oh, sweetie...let's focus on how fortunate those peole are who were able to buy your lovely house. My gosh, it must have been so horrible to have lost all in a fire!! It is their blessing to have found your house. Yes, it is just a temporary stopover for you in this rental...a new chapter is being written in your life, an exciting new chapter. All your talents, energy, design sensibilities will come together! What matters is that you and Rod will be together and that is what makes a house, a home! I will keep the prayers coming that other blessings will come your way soon!!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  3. Hello dear Joann,

    I totally agree with Rachel and Sherry's words. I can see how difficult this move is for you. I picture the back garden in your new home with all your potted plants/flowers. You are going to transform what is there to something extraordinary. I just know it! It's not the size that matters, it's what you do with it. Everything is for a reason, and this stage in your life is just part of the journey. I am excited to see what's to come! Sending a great big virtual hug. Take care sweetie! xoxo


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