Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let it Snow..... (but in October?) Yes, it's COLORADO!

Remember how it's AUTUMN?   Yes, thanks to Janie, it STILL looks like autumn INSIDE the house.....HOWEVER.....

  I took this late last night out the front door as it was just starting.....
 out the side window....somewhere under that snow are two bird feeders....
 the back yard this morning....
 the front this morning....
 my street....
 my frozen flowers.....

Is it really almost Halloween?

 This was yesterday.....
 and on my drive up to Estes Park....all yellow.....but dark dreary skies prevailed....
 In CO, we pretty much only get yellow....the aspens turn yellow and the pine trees stay green

That's the river running along the road....yes, I'm taking these while I'm driving.....all for you girls!!! Cause I love you!!

                    But today?   It looks like CHRISTMAS instead! 

Christmas displays already out in many places.... ( I don't like it one bit )

Well, my class for today was cancelled, so I'm staying in to bake and prepare for Friday's memorial's warm inside, but tomorrow I need to go out and get some Halloween candy!!!  This neighborhood is FULL of little fun!!

                           Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!

                                                                       xo Joann


  1. Wow Joann!! I know you live in a snowy state, but October?? Really?? Looks beautiful of course...but I don't want to THINK about snow (or Christmas)until Thanksgiving is safely over ;-) Not this time!! No snow is going to stop us (I hope....!) Stay warm & cosy. Hope you had a peaceful and healing few days. Love you sweetheart xoxo

  2. Oh you lucky girl, the first snow of the season! Being a girl from the South, if it stays around till Monday, I have to say trick-or-treating in the snow, would be something to remember! There are so many Christmas displays out here and even commercials, I am not ready for it, I need Halloween and Thanksgiving first, everything in its own time, please! Enjoy this cozy weather! xx

  3. Dear Joann,

    I can't believe how much snow has fallen in your neck of the woods! I remember we got some early snow last fall (before Halloween). Our pumpkins were dusted with snow, but nowhere near as much as you got. Will you be getting very many children for Halloween? I guess they'll be wearing snow boots with their costumes. I know it's Colorado, but is it normal to get that much snow, this time of year?

    But I have to say, the first snow fall is always so beautiful! Still, I'm crossing my fingers that our first snow doesn't arrive any time soon.

    Thanks for sharing all the photos with us!

    Rosinda xoxo

  4. What fun (once I got past the Halloween hand, lol) to see my name and the autumn banner on your blog! You're a sweetie to post a picture, and I love how you displayed the banner. I can't believe how much snow you got! It's beautiful, but it will be a long winter if this is the beginning. Maybe it will melt and let you have a little more autumn before it's back to stay. xoxo

  5. Hi, sweetie! Oh, wow!!! That's what our rain did to poor CO!! Your pictures are just gorgeous and I enjoyed each and every one of them!! Our first snows in the mtns melt quickly as the ground is still warm and I am hoping that will be the case for you! It won't be long until you can enjoy all the little trick or treaters!! Fun times!! Keeping you in my prayers this Friday. Love and hugs, Sherry xxxx

  6. Oh doesn't that look like a beautiful neighborhood. It's really pretty there and it was nice to see all that snow. Apparently you have two seasons there--110 degrees and snowy. Seems way early to me for snow but what do I know living in the land of eternal springtime.

  7. Gee, It looks pretty but NOT NOW, still too early for snow. Hope you can go back to normal fall or is snow normal there for this time of year? Seems it is moving this way so hoping it won't ruin the leaves on the trees as they haven't hit peak yet where we are. All you pictures are great, love seeing them. xoxo

  8. The snow is so beautiful! I live in Florida, moved from CT about 10 years ago and it's been so long since I've been in the snow. My husband lived in Colorado near Estes Park and always talks about wanting to go back. Enjoy your Snow!
    Jacqui G


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