Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Healing Touch

The power of the human touch is quite amazing.  I remember, a long time ago, reading about orphanages in the Soviet Union after the war where row after row of beds were filled with children....all just lying there all day long without a mother or father to pick them up and cuddle them.  Certainly their diapers were changed and they were fed, but quickly and efficiently....there was no time to give individual attention to any of them.  Most of the children were perfectly healthy as infants; however, their immune systems grew weaker and weaker over time and their health quickly deteriorated.  (STORY READ HERE)

That proved to be a powerful message to me.....I have always been a 'hugger,' but as a teacher, especially one in high school, that is highly discouraged.  However, it soon became clear to me that my role as a teacher had a calling much different than teaching grammar, literature, or composition.  I always wove personal stories into the teaching; I always taught what I call 'life lessons.'  Yesterday, during my break from taking a class I'm about to tell you about, I walked into a tiny shop and a friendly face greeted me at the door....Erik, a student of mine from about 11 years ago.  He was looking quite dapper....a tie and a vest and a big smile.  My mind raised to remember his name....soon it came to me.  "I need to give you a hug Erik," I said to him....and he quickly reached out to me.  Yay!!!!!  Erik had already graduated from Law School and had practiced Law in California for 3 years but quickly learned he 'hated it' [his words].  He moved back to Colorado and took this little job because a friend of his owns the shop....but he wants to TEACH.  He wants to be a TEACHER!  He wants to help others, connect with others and he said....'the money doesn't matter.'  I need to love what I do. 

I'm so excited that many young people are learning that very valuable lesson earlier in life....I didn't until MUCH later.....

So, that brings me to what I've been doing.  I haven't told many people this, but I'm learning HEALING TOUCH.  Now you see why my earlier Russian Orphanage story comes into play.  I'm not a nurse nor do I want to go in that direction; however, I do have a strong interest in energy medicine and feel called to learn all I can. I don't know how it's going to 'play out,' but I know I need to do I just finished LEVEL II this weekend and I have to be in class this week on Friday from 1-5 and on Saturday and Sunday from 9-5.  This coming week's class are more 'Reiki-centered,' whereas this past weekend's class was completely healing touch.  I'll let you know how it all goes.... but thank you for being trusted readers with whom I can feel safe in sharing this.

And lighten the mood, I thought I'd just share a picture of my dog who you've probably never seen.  This is MOOSE....we had him for almost 7 years but he died 2 years this picture is old, but here he is with my granddaughter Josie.  He's a Bernese Mountain Dog.  We were out gardening together that day....
 And then....just to make you laugh....this was taken awhile ago on one of our California 'girl trips.'  We went to Sprinkles cupcakes and my youngest daughter Amanda thought this was pretty cute.....

                                                            Hope it made YOU smile, too!!!!!!


  1. What an amazing thing to be learning! The power of touch is a strong force, indeed! Some friends of mine adopted a child from Russia and I was home from College for the Summer and watched her almost non stop for the first month they had her as they had to go back to work and it was amazing to see how this little person, who was listless and very quiet began to respond to hugs and kisses and hand holding. There should be more of that going around! The power of touch! I am so proud of you, what a gift to pass on to others! Keep up the good work Mrs. B.! Jennifer xx

  2. Dearest Joann,

    How lovely that you ran into one of your former students! It must have felt nice to give Erik a friendly hug and catch up for a bit.
    It's wonderful that you are exploring "HEALING TOUCH" and following a new path/direction. I wish you much success, wherever this new road may lead you. You are a very loving and giving person. Best wishes, sweetie!!

    Rosinda xoxo

  3. Forgive me for being so late in reading your charming blog, Joann! Oh, touch has great healing benefits! I know that volunteers hold the delicate, ill babies in the hospitals, because touch will aid them in their health! I, too, have friends who have adopted a Russian child who is doing so well now! I wish you well
    with your journey and will be anxious to hear how things progress!! The photo is sooo funny!!
    Daughter is darling!! Hugs, Sherry xxxx

  4. Love the photos of Moose- but that's not Alayna, it's Josie! She was so little in that picture! :) And the one with the cupcakes, well that just cracks me up. We always have so much fun being silly.


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