Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My tour of homes in Estes Park on Tuesday, Nov. 15

I wanted to bring you along with me, but pictures will have to do; it was in the low 50's when I left my house; the 1hour 15 minute drive was easy as all of the snow on the roads had melted and roads were clear.  It was 37 degrees F when I arrived in Estes Park.  The river, which runs along the road for about 80% of the trip, was running quite briskly as the snowmelt had filled the river with fresh water....the wind was blowing a lot.  Just days before, Estes had gusts of 100 mph and many large and ancient trees were toppled by its forceful vengeance....the evidence of trees down was everywhere.

Here, a picture of the river and all of the 'white caps' because of the wind.
 I saw 5 homes; 2  homes I recently saw are bank-owned or soon-to-be bank owned properties.  Still quite over-priced, I went to see them to watch them as their prices drop.  This  house below is the one I fell in love with (of course); however, it is not zoned appropriately for what we want to do with it. You know, I can just SEE the house we're looking for.....but truly, if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be.  I'm coming to that conclusion....and our wonderful realtor is doing his best to help, but the owners of some of these places are holding tight to their prices....and they just aren't going to sell in this kind of market. 

Speaking of.....I'm gettng more and more used to our little rental's the love inside that makes it a home....and maybe that's the true message here.....

 I love to see everyone's decorating style and this room had fabric that was padded half-way up the walls.  I love plaid, so it resonated with me on many levels....I can do without the cowhide pillow, but the rest was tempting me to stay....
 I love chandeliers made from antlers.  They drop them naturally, so it's fun to see them made into different things....If we ever have a log home again, I'll be finding myself one for sure.
 this was the view out of one of the homes I was quite overcast and you can't see the Rocky Mountains from this picture very well, but the view (on a clear day) would be quite stunning....
 this house had a log porch swing and a hot tub in the gazebo.......
 The golf course was filled with elk....I've never seen so many in one day.
 And, of course, they walk in the streets as well in downtown Estes Park....the famous Stanley Hotel is in the background. 
 Estes Park is about 7500' in elevation---really not that high compared to Vail or Aspen. This home had a log exterior; however, it is not a log home.  Half-logs are nailed into the sides to make it appear as such, but it has a regular interior.
 Look closely and you can see that this home lost a giant tree in the last sad, but blessed that it didn't fall on the house!
 And this was the view driving back home.....the sun began to shine and it was 52 when I arrived home....Of course, I bundled up to visit homes because several had no heat as they were winterized by the bank and quite cold inside.  It was a fun day, but nothing that is clear has come our's either too expensive, incorrect zoning, or something really terrible wrong with it, even though it 'looks' pretty....I'm leaving it in the hands of God...I KNOW in my heart that we're being led in the direction we're supposed to be going....I'll keep you posted!!
 Oh yes, this house had quite the kitchen......BUT, there were signs around that the water doesn't work as the boiler is see?  Sometimes things LOOK good.....but aren't really.  I'm staying positive....
                                                       Thank you for coming along!!!


  1. Your patience will pay off, Joann. You'll find the perfect house for you, and you'll know it when you see it! xoxo

  2. Well gee the looking is the best part, well moving in is better but so much fun to look it would be a shame to choose immediately. Have fun and get ideas from all you see.

  3. Thank you for taking us on the tour!! What lovely homes! Makes me think of the Big Bear area here and the decore is so interesting, too!! We may move the end of next year to a different part of SoCal and I know exactly what you mean that things may look pretty, but there may be structural problems, especially with foreclosures. Hang in there, Joan!! Enjoy the journey. The right thing will be there for you at the right time!! Love and lots of hugs, Sherry xxxx

  4. Patience is the hardest virtue, if you ask me! But I do believe one day there it will be--your new home. The perfect one. And you'll be so glad! xo

  5. I am drinking tea as I read this post. Thanks for taking me along on your house tour. Search and you shall find. If you are in no rush, you can enjoy just looking. It's fun to go out there and look at what's available and see how other people live, and decorate their homes. When you least expect it, the perfect place will come along. Enjoy the ride, sweetie. Love and hugs!!

    Rosinda xxoo

  6. The mountains are so beautiful! I live in Florida and this makes me homesick for the "hills of CT"...even though you can't begin to compare them to your majestic mountains. My husband lived in CO near Estes Park, and he is always wanting to take me there to see it. Thanks for the tour! Good luck with finding your house :) Jacqui G


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