Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Rock

tiny plants, lichen, etc. grow on the rocks in the Alpine regions of CO

Women are strong creatures....

We can bear children

We can dry tears

We can carry heavy loads

We're great at multi-tasking

We're sensitive

And yet....we're ever so strong

I do have a man in my life, however, who is my rock. 

He is solid ground, terra ferma

Recently, he has not been feeling well and he is not one to complain

When he told me he was going to make a doctor's appointment, I knew he really must be hurting.

It's been 4 or more appointments, several different blood tests, an ultrasound, a CT-scan, and now a follow-up appointment to come later this week...

All of this happened during his birthday week and we were going to go away to a little bed and breakfast and we were going to go fishing in the mountain high rivers of northern Colorado. 

The fish are hungry this time of bugs about to land upon the water within their grasp...
It's a fun time to fish!

Long story short, plans were cancelled but birthdays come when birthdays come...

The weekend of his birthday was pretty quiet, but he had taken the following Monday off from work because I had asked him to do was party of the secret plan.   I coaxed him to go fishing...and our day together was wonderful....the picnic consisted of some crackers and hot tea, but it didn't matter...
He put on his fishing vest....and we relaxed on the rocks
I brought an old quilt to sit upon....
Here he surveys the lake...watching all the fish jumping out of the water...."Catch me, Catch me"

It was a good day....he caught 4....I hooked one that got away...
Sometimes plants, like this new tree...somehow take hold in the rocks

And grow strong...their roots deep into the earth

the lake was peaceful, barely anyone was there that Monday

                                                                              And even though I didn't get a fish....
I have the best of the ROCK. 


  1. Dearest Joann, what a sweet, sweet tribute post. We are so lucky to have wonderful men in our lives...I know just how much Rod means to you and I hope that the doctor finds out what's wrong very soon...hopefully something that can be easily & quickly treated & you can all get back to normal. It looks as though you managed to give him a special birthday anyway, and love means the most. Sending much love & all good thoughts xoxox

  2. Aren't we just two of the luckiest ladies? And what is even better, is that we know how lucky we are! I am glad you got to take some time and have a special day together! I continue to keep you both in my prayers. Jennifer x

  3. Dear Rachel,

    I'm sorry to hear that Rod is still feeling under the weather. I hope that doctors discover what's bothering him soon. I'm glad you have such a wonderful man in your life. You are both blessed to have found each other. The surprise fishing/picnic date sounds so romantic. It looks like he had a wonderful day off! Happy weekend, sweetie! Crossing my fingers for some good news soon! xoxo


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