Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Thursday, November 8, 2012

So much to catch up on!

This is one of those 'stream-of-consciousness' kinds of writing.   I've been lax in my writing and now I'm paying the price for it...where to start and there's so much that's been going on.  

As most of you know, my youngest daughter moved to California...she sent me this photo of her in San Francisco at Miette.  I LOVE the little scalloped cookbook and told her to go there if she had a chance and so she did.... ahhhhhhh, I just love it! 

Of course, after she moved there, it didn't take very long for her sister and I to fly out there to see we are enjoying iced coffee, frozen yogurt and beautiful sunshine....

   This phrase is so important..... and a constant reminder to me. 

oh yes, and youngest daughter got her CA vet's license, so now she can work as a vet there as well as CO.
 We've been looking at houses all summer and Fall....this one had a spectacular view of the lake but was rather old and rather expensive for what it was....still the view....ahhhhhh

 We flew back to Ohio for my 40th class reunion.  I was a high school librarian for 4 years and was actually voted 'librarian of the year,' oh yes I was!!!  Here I am in that same library....  40 years later!!

The 40th reunion was lovely...I so enjoyed seeing dear old friends...

Here's all of us posing together.... can you find me?

We visited a county fair and loved seeing the bees...I thought of my lovely friend Rachel in England whose husband is a bee keeper....what a lovely hobby!

Out of order, but I couldn't leave it out, this gorgeous old Victorian in Davis, CA
We enjoyed seeing the town and all the new and special spots

At the county fair, we watched the horse teams, so lovely and precise

I love the times I spend with my family and cherish each and every moment.  Here, these little miniature homes were being auctioned off for charities....

And no visit is complete with a wonderful trip to a cupcake shop...I'm always looking for the most darling shops, gathering ideas, looking for inspiration.  Here, my youngest daughter gets ready to find a vanilla vanilla, her favorite!

Of course, one of our go-to favorites in cupcakes in Sprinkles.  Yes, I'm GF, but it doesn't stop me from looking, right??

And we are again at Paris in a Cup in Orange, CA  I've recommended this incredible tea spot to many....remember, make reservations!!

Inside Paris in a Cup....yummy!!

This was the first annual event that my youngest daughter wasn't able to attend....we had a wonderful Fall Harvest time, but of course, it wasn't quite the same without her...

Recently (in October), we flew to Arizona to see my mom and took her out for tea...she LOVES to go out for tea and had a wonderful afternoon there....I think we were there for about 3 hours!

We also had an excellent dinner in northwest was the view of the mountains as we sat outside in the early evening enjoying our fantastic meal

But then it was time to leave Arizona....but we didn't fly home....

Where did we go?

Tune in next time!! 


  1. Dear Joann,

    First of all, I love the new background on your blog. It's so festive! I've missed your posts and I'm happy to be able to catch up with you. How wonderful that you and Cadie made it out to visit Amanda in her new home! Thanks for sharing your adventures in California with your girls; in Ohio, at your reunion; and tea in Arizona with your Mom! It all sounds fabulous! Hmmm...I wonder where you're off to next? xoxo

  2. Hi, sweetie!
    It is so nice to have you back from lovely travels and doing your charming blog!! And look at you, so pretty, at your reunion!! Your girls are beautiful, just like their mama, too! It warms my heart seeing you happy in your jet-stting with family, making more wonderful memories! Ah....Paris!! Must get down there, ah you have inspired me! Eagerly awaiting the next post, Joann!! Love and hugs, Sherry xoxo


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