Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Inn at Iris Meadows and More

The trip continues..... 

I LOVE the Fall.....

and....I LOVE log cabins.... 

love this old log cabin and its wonderful little porch

burning bush was ablaze everywhere!!! We have one small bush in our large clusters, it was magnificent!

and now onto what you're waiting for (and we did, too!!)

and our incredible Inn...

We were fortunate enough to stay here for a couple of nights....
It's such a busy time of year in this part of the world.  Like New England in the Fall, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Smoky Mountains are filled with visitors from around the world.  This is a wonderful place to stay!!

We always like to stay at b&b's whenever possible to learn more about what we like and what we don't like about them.... and this one was jut beautiful

The driveway toward the Inn

One of the many wreaths that adorned the doors, fences, and porches of the inn

The Inn...

The side entrance and way to the front porch...look closely and you can see the Halloween silhouettes

The inn's dog, with her little Fall kerchief, greeted us as we unpacked the car

The front porch....the innkeeper created this wonderful space filled with lovely places to read and rest

Her wonderful pots of gorgeous geraniums were still in full bloom!!

The front parlor, filled with books and magazines to peruse

The entryway just as you come in the front door...

The breakfast room....the little table on the right near the window is where we sat each morning

there were always treats on the buffet and guests had a small kitchen to make coffee and tea

The fireplace adorned with tiny pumpkins

The area is just splendid.  The little town of Waynesville, North Carolina was high in the mountains and that weekend was host to the annual apple festival.  If you click on apple festival in the previous sentence, you can see the area and look at all the wonderful things to do there.  We ate at two incredible restaurants, so if you plan to go, ask me about them....they were wonderful!

a local farm had piles of pumpkins everywhere

Love this fence!

Course #1 of one of our breakfasts

On the lovely porch of the inn

A home that you can rent (think holidays!!) for all the family.  Sleeps 20.  This is nearby.

                                                      and now the long drive to Atlanta (about 3 hours) where we flew home from....we made a stop at Trader Joe's there to bring home some things we love.  What a wonderful trip.... in more ways than one! 

Thank you for coming along with us!



  1. This all looks so beautiful! I loved the furry greeter, welcoming you to the Inn. It sounds like you had a marvelous trip and a thoroughly good time! Jennifer xx

  2. I love that part of the country as well and enjoyed your tour of the Inn. Is that cabin for rent? I'm always on the lookout for my dream cabin in the mountains that I can return to year after year in Autumn.

    1. Yes, the cabin IS for rent, along with about a dozen other cabins on some gorgeous property.... the big house on the lake is a part of the same complex. You would LOVE it!!

  3. Oh, Joann! The inn is beautiful! My favorite is the porch! I love the floor, the way it's decorated and those pretty, white rocking chairs! I also love the little touches, like the wreath hanging on the fence. The parlor is gorgeous and inviting, as is the breakfast room. I'm sure it was a great source for inspiration! Thanks for sharing it all with us! xoxo

  4. Oh that was all so fun to see. I'm always so happy when friends share autumn photos because there's nothing like that here. I was on a trip one year and planned to drive to Charleston and thru NC but a hurricane was chasing me and I had to high tail it inland. So glad I got to see your fall photos. ♥


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