Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, April 8, 2013

Beavers and a Potential snowstorm....oh let it be....let it be....

Right now I'm wishing for SNOW. We're dry, dry, dry, and yesterday's trip to the mountains made it perfectly clear that we're in serious trouble around here.   

So, if you're interested, go to and look at Colorado's forecast for tomorrow.  Keep in mind, that it was 74 degrees F. here on Saturday!!

Now, the fun stuff.  Yesterday, we did lots of things, but one of the things we did was visit the beavers of Estes Park.  They are fascinating.  A little destructive....but fun to watch.  What engineers they are!!

This is the area approaching the beaver dams.  

this rail was recently installed to just 'warn' people to keep their distance

as you can see, there aren't many trees left  in this area!

Here's one of the dams.  Look closely, or click on picture to enlarge; you can see how the water is all backed up.  This is Fish Creek.

There's a good side shot of one of the dams

There are DOZENS of dams along this stretch of the creek.

They don't waste a thing, either.  They eat all the bark and use all the wood

And they create a 'lumber yard' of sorts for their building, leaving chewed and  'beaver-shaped' stumps where they've chewed down trees.

AND, in case you're interested, here's an amazing video of their work!!

Love you all...thank you for stopping by!!!!!!

Pray for SNOW!!!

Yes, even in APRIL!


  1. Very interesting! Hard workers those beavers. I wonder how they know when to stop adding to the pile. And so cute with the babies. It makes you feel bad that their dams have to be torn down sometimes because man has moved into their territory and is threatened by the flooding their dams cause. I hope you get the snow you need!

  2. Joann,

    I am crossing my fingers and toes for April snow to head your way! I'm not sure if you know this about me or not, but I love beavers! I have gone to see them at our zoo and I saw a pair once in the wild not far from where we live. Did you actually see any of the beavers? They sure can cause a lot of damage, but they are so cute and so hardworking, too! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

    1. Thank you for the blog post Cathy and to Rosinda, no, I did NOT know that!!! How interesting. No, we didn't get to see one this time, but we've seen them last year. They are VERY destructive, as you can see by all the strewn trees!!

  3. Don't think I ever saw a beaver before--they look big. I imagined them the size of maybe raccoons. Well maybe that is their size. It does look dry there and apparently the raccons' unstoppable need to build swimming pools is the reason. They're hogging all the water. I hope you get your snow or at least a good spring rain. CO seems a most unforgiving place to live, climate-wise. I hope it's clear and sunny but not too hot on the day of the wedding. ♥


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