Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It will be 60 degrees and the decorations are coming down

Thursday, it's supposed to be 60 degrees; I'm going outside to take the Christmas decorations down, WITHOUT A COAT ON!!  This is really ODD.  The mountains are lacking snow and the ski resorts are hurting for business.  This also means that mountain run-off will be minimal if this continues and there will be summer drought.  It's not good.  But today, I'm making lemonade out of this pile of lemons and I'm taking down all the outside decorations.  The tree will stay up awhile longer because I just love it....sorry. 

Here's my neighborhood stray cat outside two nights ago eating food from the little bowl of food I have for him.  There's milk there, too.....yes, I know.  It's not good for's also not good for them to be loose at night around here with foxes running everywhere around the neighborhood.  A little milk won't hurt him.  We've named him Tubby.  We have a black and white one, too.  

Anyway, I snapped some pictures of some of my favorite little slices of Christmas....special little things I treasure.....soon, they'll be packed up, here they are: 
 The dining room has been almost cleared of Christmas...I have a few remaining Christmas dishes on the table looking for 'homes.' I don't know whether to pack them back in boxes or put in a cupboard.
 Plaid; I love plaid...tartan anything with RED.
 My moose lamp.....
 Favorite ornaments....this one that arrived after Christmas from Morwenna in England.....right beside my lighted church and my pixie elf from eons ago....
 A spode teacup.....birds......wooden 'cranberries' strung on the tree
 An adorable white handmade bird from Sandy from last year and a new clothespin ornament she sent this year....real treasures from the heart...
 A spotty be-ribboned ball....
 My oldest daughter got me this teacup and saucer....
 And a log home ornament....oh how I miss our home.....
 2011.....sometimes it felt like skating on thin ice, so these are good reminders of a year that is now behind had some slick spots, but we were blessed to make it through.....thank you God.
 And.....Susan Branch's cookbook can now be put back on the shelf....I made lots of her recipes, but especially the Annie Hall butter cookies....almost a tradition now.
OK, that's it, I promise.  Tomorrow....a new recipe....but not for the faint of heart! Stay tuned!!


  1. Lovely to see all your beautiful decorations and homey bits, Joann! Isn't the weather strange? Here too...& the European ski resorts are all suffering the same. In Norway, they had no snow until mid-December which is the first time in 120 years or something! We don't generally get snow this far South in England - the past 2 years were exceptional. But never this warm. Wishing you snow soon! Lots of love for a wonderful weekend xoxo Rachel

  2. Thank you for sharing your dear decorations with us all!! It is so fun having handmade ones with special memories attached!!! Oh, I am so sorry that you have no they say it is a La Nina year...and we have the same problem as you in Colorado! No snow, not enough precipitation = summer drought/fires...not good is right!!! I am glad that at least it was mild to take down the decorations!! Love and hugs, Sherry xxxx


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