Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Monday, February 27, 2012

You make me feel like dancing (I wanna dance the night away)

One day, we both got this 'wild idea' to take dancing classes, so my wonderful sweetheart signed us up for ballroom dancing classes.....two years later, we are ' reasonably comfortable' with: foxtrot, rumba, waltz, slow dance, a VERY little tango, and some swing.  Classes were really expensive, so we stopped since we quickly (in 2 years) learned that we weren't going to be professionals on Dancing with the Stars....however, we are 'all smiles' on the dance floor.  We are part of a 'dance club' that meets once a month.  Our fees pay for the facility, a live band, and popcorn (yes, I know that sounds cheesey)....but it's lots of fun!
Our 'dance shoes' bag---we each have our own
 When we went the first time, we were SHOCKED to see that MOST of the people who go have white hair!!!  This made us feel super young!!!  So, we kept going....
hanging up the coats.....let's get ready to dance!!
 We have special 'dance shoes' which have very thin heels/soles and are soft/slidey on the bottom.
switching into our dance shoes
 Here's a peek inside, however, I apologize that the lighting is quite dark.  This makes it 'romantic' AND we can't see each other's mistakes as easily.
our first peek inside....  (shhhh, they're already dancing)We ALWAYS arrive after it gets started

 because the dance floor is the most crowded the first hour.  Then people start to get tired and sit down!!! LOL
 Some people get REALLY dressed up, and others, just get casual, but more than 1/2 the men wear a tie.  At Valentine's and New Years, however, they REALLY get dressed up....the 'ol ball gowns get dusted off and away we go!!!

We're probably one of the youngest couples who goes to these dances, but that actually feels good!!! 

We always have tons of fun....and that's what's important, right? 

So, here's a little can at least hear the band playing....It's good exercise, and we smile all night long......I'm THRILLED to have learned a few fun!!!  You should try it!!! 


  1. Oh, Joann! How fun is that?! Thanks for the glimpse into your dancing life! I think it's wonderful that you and your sweetie took dance lessons and are now part of a dance club! Ballroom dancing is something that really interests me. Nuno and I have talked about taking dance lessons together, but we'd need someone to stay with the girls. Maybe when the girls are a little older and can stay on their own, we'll take the leap! Have fun dancing!! xoxo

    1. If you take group classes, the girls can take classes with you!!!! Much easier to learn when you're young...

      so fun!!

  2. Oh, that sounds so romantic and fun! Now you've got me wondering if I could get my husband to join a dance club with me. We'll have to take lessons!


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