Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scenes from a Colorado Weekend

As we continue on our journey of finding 'it,' sometimes we take different paths.....
On some occasions, we wander up into the mountains....seeking refuge from Denver's 'brown cloud' and traffic and noise....up where there are trees, water, and blue skies.  Other times, however, we stay on the plains and look to the WEST....and see the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains in the distance and have more of the conveniences of shopping, farm markets, and culture.
 This past weekend, we wandered into Mead, Longmont, and Boulder....and wound up the mountain sides into many of Boulder's pretty canyons....but first, to get there.  After we got off of the interstate, we started to head west.  Above is a gorgeous shot of the Rockies......this is Mead, CO.....lots of farm land but lots of large acreage properties, too...
I love the white fences and red barns

 We stopped for awhile and just watched the cows and some of them were watching us, too....they were getting water and it dripped from their wet mouths as they lifted their heads from the troughs....they had their winter coats on, too, even though the weekend temperatures were quite mild.
 Some of the pastures had been tilled; others still resting in their Winter's nap time....
 This field was a corn field, now waiting for the next planting...
 Someone with a sense of humor had nailed these bootsto their fence.....there were many of them along this stretch
 And horses in the distance enjoyed the Spring-like day
 I thought this photo was such a story in one shot....nature and US intervening with it all....building, widening, changing....
 Here's a segment of the University of Colorado,'s a huge campus
IBM is located here
A lot of this area is designated as parks and preserved areas....that's awesome
 There are some short tunnels in various parts of the canyons west of Boulder; this area is THICK with hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts
 Some snowy and icy parts still remain even though our temperatures have been unseasonably warm for January.....if we don't get some snow, there will be drought conditions this summer
 The famous Pearl Street in Boulder, CO   If you haven't been, it's a must see....outdoor street performers, ethnic foods, wonderful shops, and VERY interesting people watching
 You can see that the lower hills have barely a drop of snow....this is NOT a good thing
And you can't tell very well, but this part of CO had been badly burned by fires in the past few years....many lots were for sale where there used to be sad

 We looked up one street and down another
 We passed serious bicyclists along the highways....
 the FLAGGSTAFF house restaurant is a very famous landmark west of Boulder....I've eaten there once, but it's not my favorite.....nice views, but I thought the menu was rather uninspiring and heavy.  You can click on the link and be your own judge.  I should probably give it another try someday.
 As we got higher into the mountains west of Boulder, there was more snow, but still very minimal
 Remnants of the past...
 Looking, Looking, Looking....
                       And as the sun began to set.....we headed to a cozy place for dinner near the fireplace and were feeling pretty blessed about our lives.....whatever is supposed to be will BE.

                                                  Thank you for coming along on our weekend....                                            


  1. Hi Joann! Lovely was great to come along with you on your weekend trip! So interesting to see your part of the BIG it all is! Fascinating! Hope you're having a great week, sending much love xoxo Rachel

  2. Colorado is so pretty! I've never been there, but I've always wanted to visit; your pictures have me vacation planning! :)

    1. With all of your world travels Emily, Colorado should definitely be on your list!!

  3. Oh your images are so beautiful! I wanted to be in that car with you. The look of Pearl St. reminded me of Asheville, NC. Another eclectic, exciting things always going on, my favorite farmer's market in the world, kind of place. You keep searching, the right place will come along, but that for now, you are right where you are supposed to be! Jennifer xoxo

  4. I loved coming along on your journey to find "it". Often the journey is the best part, don't you think? Your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the beauty with us. Hoping "it" finds you soon. All in good time, sweetie.

    Love and hugs,

    Rosinda xo

  5. Such a beautiful part of America. My husband and I are hoping to visit sometime next year if all goes well. It's so flat here in Florida, I really love mountains! Beautiful pics:)


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