Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A California Homes Tour

I think most of us just love to look at houses---whenever there is a local homes tour in our area, I love to get tickets and 'go see.'  Model homes, old homes, Victorian homes, re-modeled homes.....I love 'em all.  On Balboa Island, there are a collection of rather unique homes.  Balboa is located in Newport Beach, CA, a coastal segment of Orange County. 

My daughters and I rented a 'bike carriage' and peddled our way past a couple of hundred of these cuties and I snapped pictures of about half of them.  I'm in need of a little virtual 'summer vacation' so come along with me on my California homes tour!! 
I snapped this picture of 2 of my daughters in the front.  I was a back seat driver....of course! we go!
Many of the homes are white....all that sunshine probably bleached them all!

white picket fences seem to be the norm as well!

New England style lap siding is also quite popular

there are a few more southwestern abodes as well, but not the norm

this little bungalow had a 2.1 million dollar price tag on it. 

the fringe at top of picture is from our 'vehicle' and not on top of the house!

wood shingles with 'used' brick chimney

this little yellow number was pretty cute!

this has got a bit of a mediterranean flair

how about that perfectly manicured short hedge?

love the little white gate

bouganvilla everywhere!
this one has a sort of Asian influence

love the pots

cute and STEPS from the beach

love the dormer windows and the front porch

rounded front door---very gingerbread-ish
very tropical looking

we weren't sure what to call this house

here we all are!
 In the center of the neighborhood was a green area with some benches and a tree the little girl came out in each of us and we gave it a go....yes, even me!

Here's my oldest daughter sending middle daughter sailing!

my oldest daughter getting a bit of a push from middle sister

and yes....they talked me into it.....I love being a MOM, a MUM, and a MOMMY....
Thank you God for my girls!!
note:  youngest daughter was in Africa at the time, or she would have been along, too!

Hope you enjoyed the tour....I know it made me smile just recalling it!


  1. Ah, Balboa!! Love all your posts, Joann!! So nice to see areas I am familiar with thru your eyes! Yes, it is just miraculous what can be done with several million dollars...boat slips extra! Ha! By the way, you all look like sisters!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  2. What fun... Loved the tour! But the swing was the best!!


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