Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Friday, March 18, 2011

Need a little sunshine

In Colorado, winter is tenaciously holding onto us.  It's not unlike other Springs here---there are days near 70 degrees F and there are still nights in the teens and twenties.  There are still mornings of frost and even snow.  Typically, March is the snowiest month and so far, that has NOT been true for us.  It's been a rather dry winter and that is NOT good for my sleeping bulbs. 

I'm not ignoring the sad and frightening news across the globe; my heart just aches for all of the people suffering in so many ways right now AND in so many places.  However, I want to send light and positive energy out there.  In yoga class this week, we dedicated our practice to all the people who are suffering, sick, and grieving.  We need more positive energy on this planet. 

On Tuesday night of this past week, I tossed and turned.  My unconscious, I'm sure, was dealing with all the sights and sounds that the media has put out there for us to absorb.  I got out of bed and started baking and then the warmth of the kitchen began to warm my soul.  I made a LOT of goodies but didn't have particular recipients for my treats.  I was having lunch with my daughter on I put everything into the refrigerator and then frosted the cupcakes a light shade of green.  Dark chocolate cupcakes were decorated with creme de menthe whipped frosting with a hint of the Irish green....I got them all wrapped up in two packages and took a couple of dozen with me to her office where I met her.  It turns out that everyone there wore green for St. Patrick's Day and the cupcakes were a 'hit.'  I think some smiles were created that day and I didn't even have to see their faces, but my soul was made happy by the words from my daughter after they ate them....'They loved 'em mom!' 

Next, I dropped off a couple of dozen at a friend's salon and she passed them out to other girls and guys who work there and a few customers snatched one as well to have with the complimentary coffee and tea they serve there.  More happy faces and I was starting to feel better.  I didn't solve any world problems and I didn't end the suffering across the globe.  I didn't have a solution for the potential meltdown of nuclear reactors, but the notion of an act of kindness creates and spreads more kindness worked, and I had a wonderful night's sleep as well on Thursday. 

Thank you to ALL of the bloggers and bakers jewelry makers and seamstresses and etsy creative people out there who continue to send out positive energy to all of us in need of it.  It ALL does good things.  It ALL helps.  It is Goodness in the simplicity of creativity.  My next post will be a collection of lovely homes I've collected....a homes tour via a virtual vacation via my blog.  I hope you'll enjoy it.  I'm sending out love to each and every one of you---may we all be messengers of love and hope and peace.
The Real Girl

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