Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feverish, Frantic, and Frenzied

I am feverish and freezing.  I have a cold.  I'm sure I acquired it on the airplane on our wonderful trip. It is not welcome right now; it is slowing me down and exhausting my spirit to tear apart my closets and find goodies and not so goodies.  The not so goodies will be donated and I did a good deal of our bedroom closet yesterday, but quite frankly, I'm out of spirit and steam at the moment.

I've fixed myself some tea but with it, I ate cookies and with that, I feel guilty.  These feelings always come when I am not well---like a heap of jello-o I am right now.  How can I feel tired and without energy when I haven't done anything?  I'm telling you this so that I am accountable for my actions...not a pleasant posting, I'm afraid, but quite real.  And I am, in fact, THE REAL GIRL, right?

Well, while I'm here I'm going to tell you about our drive to Estes on Sunday---you must be asking yourself, "Why do you keep going up there?"  Well, it is because we are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives and I'm feeling stuck.  Afraid to move forward and change the course of life.....will I see my girls often enough?  Will I be available to my mom if she takes ill or needs me and she lives so far away in AZ?  Will we be successful at our business?  Will we?  Won't we?  Why should we?  We go round and round.  When we go up there, we are inspired by the grandeur of the landscape.  We love the wildness of it and yet its close proximity to necessities.  We love the mountains and the trees and the lakes and the rivers.....but we also love the home we're in right now.  Why rock the boat?

So, I'm tossing my questions to the Universe for today and I'll concentrate on getting well.  It is only with a full spirit that I can make such big decisions anyway.  Take a look through my camera lens of what we saw on Sunday--pardon many of the pictures taken through the car window.  I was beginning to get a sore throat on Sunday and didn't want to go out into the cold air much.  What tough decisions have you made in your life and how did they turn out?  I'd love some inspiration....thank you for letting me rant. 
and, if you want a little smile, go to see MozartsGirl's blog....and learn how Rachel prepared for the Oscars that never came to be; you will LOVE it!!  Rachel's OSCARS night 

big horn sheep came across road to Estes & blocked traffic; they eat the salt that is put on road

not afraid of cars at all!

all sizes

they just came down from the hillside to get the road salt

the Big Thompson river that runs along the road on the way up there

a deer in a neighborhood

this elk came right across the street and it looked as if he was going to attend the public chicken dinner!
(on the sign if you click on picture to enlarge)

herd of elk right in downtown area- look closely & u can see 'stupid' tourists getting WAY too close and snapping pictures---elk are pretty docile when it's not mating season but they ARE wild animals

a really healthy looking deer that has been tagged

clouds started to come in as it was around 4 PM
                                                      So, I'm off to take some vitamins, drink more tea....I've inspired myself to go get busy.  Now that I've proclaimed to all of you how much I NEED to be'll want a progress report so I'll go do a little.....Thank you all....what a GREAT group of friends to know...all of you!!  And Rachel....thank you for making me laugh today!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Joann! Concentrate on resting and feeling better. Everything is easier when you feel well. xoxo

  2. Things will fall into place, sweetie!! Just take care of yourself as you would for your dearest friend!! Love the gorgeous photographs and tame wild animals...Oh, my! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  3. Dear Joann,
    So sorry you are feeling sick. I agree with Janie, you need to rest first and worry about the organizing when you feel better. If you take care of yourself, your body will thank you and heal quicker. I can totally relate to your worry about changing courses in your life. Same thing happened to me when my husband and I bought a house in Barrie. Was difficult leaving Toronto and being 1 hour drive away from my parents. I don't see them as much as I used to. We've been here 3 years now, and I wouldn't want to move back. Yes, I miss being close to my Mom, especially, but aside from that, we love living here. Small city, great place to raise our children. We made the right decision for us. I know that you will make the right decision as well. It is a big step. Good luck. I am sure everything will work out. Take care sweetie. xoxo

  4. I hate the major drain on energy that you feel when you're sick. I try to avoid it (like the plague!) by not touching doorknobs, washing my hands frequently, etc. etc. etc. and my bff laughs at me ... but guess who gets sick more often than me? You guessed it! But sometimes it can't be avoided and how annoying is that to be coming back on a plane and get sick from someone nice enough to fly sick. That's happened to me too. Loving your pictures!! Good luck on making the decisions before you ... those are so very hard to make sometimes!! Have a lovely week, sweetie! xo


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