Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Early for Flowers in CO? Go to CA!!

I used to live in's a really long story but it does feel like a second home and even though I've been in Colorado for almost twenty years, I find it comforting to go to California several times a year.  Recently, my sweetheart and I made a trip there for 4 days and we went to one of my favorite locations, Roger's Gardens.  I used to watch it on television years ago.  They would have gardening tips and tricks and one day, I realized.....there it is!!  That one day was LAST YEAR.  So, this is my second trip to Roger's Gardens and Mr. Sweetheart had never been since my first trip was with my middle daughter.  Back in Colorado, it was still snowing and cold, so this was delightful to get a glimpse of summer and the colors that abound in that season!  If you don't have flowers yet where YOU are, just enjoy our little trip.  There were TONS more pictures, but I didn't want to bore you with them!

There were orchids in every color as well!!

Yes, the trees were HEAVY with citrus fruits!

Even a tiny tree will bear large fruit


Ranunculus in every color!

they had hydrangeas in every color

They had so many vegetables!!  I wanted to take them ALL home with me!

loved their little lemon wreaths

we were fortunate to have sunshine!

this location is a turn-a-bout near Pacific Coast HWY in Newport

My oldest daughter and her husband and two children are there right now.  It is their Spring Break and they are visiting southern CA for a trip to Knotts Berry Farm then driving up the coast through Santa Barbara then on to San Francisco, Monterey to take the kids to the aquarium there....then on to Mendocino where her husband's aunt is a forest ranger in the redwood forest and has a house there.  After that, they plan to drive home through Sacramento and then to Utah....stay overnight in Salt Lake....then home.  It's an ambitious trip with two little girls in the car.....but they're excited and I'm hoping they have a bit of sunshine as rain is predicted along the way AND Hwy 1 is closed north of San Francisco due to mud slides and they are predicting the road closure to be about a month, so it must be a big one!

I hope you enjoyed the plants and flowers.  I purchased some organic potting soil, some soil amendments and some new garden gloves I'm ready and waiting!! 
Love you All


  1. loved reading this....looks like your daughter will be driving right past my house here in san luis obispo....

    i love rodger's garden too...but haven't been in years....

    yesterday we were gardening...but today is RAIN...but my flowers LOVE it....

    happy to visit here with you today, my friend...


  2. Those ranunculous are ridiculous! Spectacular!!! Our poor crocus, iris reticulata and snowdrops got crushed in the snow the last few days but oh last friday when it was 70... I wanted to roll around in the grass with my pup Cheddar, glorious! Thanks for reminding me to order a lemon tree, I have always wanted one.

  3. Oh, Joann, what gorgeous pictures!! I love Roger's...they are so knowledgable and displays are so lovely. You have inspired me to make a visit before Easter to enjoy all they have to offer!! I hope the family has a wonderful trip! This morning was very pretty! Have done the HWY 1 trip and it is breathtaking!! Hoping it won't be long now, so that you can garden!! Sending love and hugs, Sherry xx

  4. How beautiful Joann! Anemones are my very favourite flowers and those ranunculas come a close second - how wonderful to have a big tumbling bed full of every colour. Just gorgeous! So happy you had good weather and hope your family does too. It's almost 4 years since Paul & I drove down Highway 1 from SF to SLO, flowers everywhere and ocean so blue. I'd love to do it again. Thabks so much for sharing your trip! Much love xoxo

  5. Joann,

    Thanks for sharing pics of the beautiful flower displays at Roger's Gardens! It is nice to see some color after such a loooong winter here.
    I hope your daughter and her family had a great Spring Break. Looks like it was a wonderful adventure for the entire family! xoxo


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