Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Sunday, March 27, 2011

some EASTER inspiration for you!

Just a little inspiration for you if you're beginning to do some Spring cleaning as I am and readying your home for Easter.  Most of these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when I visited Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, CA for our anniversary weekend.  I've saved them so that I could bring them out as it got closer to Spring.  'Springtime in the Rockies' is quite different than most places.  Because of the altitude, winds, soil conditions, and so forth, we have a short summer and oftentimes, there is no Spring.  March is typically our snowiest month, although this year, the snow has been scarce and now fire danger is quite high.

I hope you are inspired by the lovely tablescapes, decorations, colors, and creations....I know I was!

From Williams-Sonoma....a lovely Easter tablescape, complete with some egg shaped serving pieces

Botanicals, Birds....and white picket fences

an Easter cat??

I love the muted roses, creams, and taupes

looks like a Vera Bradley egg!

This should get your creativity buzzing

German to fill
for our Perfect English Friends! Hi Rachel and Morwenna!

Need a bunny or two?
 I'm just beginning to get little snippets of daffodils coming up, even though on Saturday morning, we had snow....less than an inch, but it was quite 'brisk' out-of-doors! But at Roger's Gardens, as in my previous postings, flowers are everywhere....if only it was closer and I could just load them into my car and bring them home!!  In Colorado, we have 'some' flowers available, but the 'knowing' garden realizes NOT to plant now.....or they'll be temporary for sure! Some pansies are hardy enough for planting now....but I'll just have to keep looking at flowers elsewhere to help my yearning for, one of my favorites!
I LOVE gerberra daisies....these were MUCH prettier in person!
Well, I hope this has inspired you to create some wonderful spots in your home to bring in Spring, Easter, or just a fresh look.....this year, we'll be having Easter Brunch at a wonderful place in Colorado.  We haven't been in several years.  I've been doing Easter at our house, but we all decided to go out this year!  It's a fun change now and then! 
          No Winter lasts forever;

                    No Spring skips its turn

                                                                                                  ~ Hal Borland



  1. What a lovely Eastery post, Joann!! Don't all the gorgeous displays and soft colors fill you with spring happiness?!! I just love your visuals! Am planning to decorate next week and am so excited now to do so! I hear you are finally getting needed moisture to stop those fires! Yay! Need more spring flowers, too! Sending love, Sherry xx

  2. Wow! Roger's Gardens must have been a fun place to visit! So much Easter inspiration! I especially love the stuffed Easter bunnies and the Williams Sonoma table setting! The gerbera daisies are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. I can always use some inspiration! xoxo

  3. Very inspiring Joann,
    Roger's Gardens looks like my kind of store where I could easily spend too much time. Thanks for the peek and the inspiration. I saw those WS lovely Easter plates a while back, so tempting. xoxo

  4. I think I missed this post first time around Joann! So happy you retweeted it, it's beautiful! In Salzburg there is a shop that just sells handpainted eggs...all year round. Thousands of them! They are all blown hen eggs too, not fake ones. Love the table settings & wish that I was 'Perfect English'!! Morwenna is though. Love to you sweetheart xoxo


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