Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupcakes and Promises

A local Salon asked me whether or not I'd consider 'trading' some services....I bake for a 2-day open house they were hosting and I get 4 services for free!  YES!!  That would be fun....I like to bake and I could do a bit of advertising as well for a 'tea service' business I've been thinking about.  More about that later if anything comes of it...I'm trying to consider other options if this bed and breakfast idea does not work out.

The table was a bit smaller than I had anticipated.....

the open-house was held on two days, Friday and Saturday....goodies were placed close to the front window to hopefully 'encourage' a few new customers to consider coming in to take a look around

I also placed out my flyers for private tea parties

the teeny-tiny cupcakes were a huge hit---I made over a hundred of those and they were all gone
I made them in three flavors: vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting, milk choclate with kahlua buttercream, and lemon with cream cheese/lemon frosting.  I also made red velvet larger cupcakes, dark chocolate cupcakes, and some carrot cupcakes which I'll be making again this week for a vet hospital fund raiser

a quick peek at the front area of the salon; behind this wall is where the haircutstake place

Day # 2 added the lemon tarts, German raspberry bread and apricot bread; also blueberry muffins (a.k.a. popovers for Rachel), brownies, more cupcakes, and some chocolates as well

the lemon tarts were all gone when I came to take down and clean up;
each had a fresh blueberry on top

I did a 'twist' on the poppyseed bread with the other fruits

these blueberry muffins also went quickly
All in all, it went very well...............but I was exhausted!! I learned that if I ever did this for a living, I would need to work every other day, I think!! At least not at this level.  I could have done fewer varieties, but it was a great test for me to see what people like....
Anyway....I had fun....Hope you enjoy!!                                                                   


  1. It all looks delicious and lovely, Joann. You did a beautiful job!

  2. Wow, Joann!! You are such a pro!! The table looks spectacular...all the different varieties, gorgeous plates, etc. I bet you will get tons of business from this plus enjoying all your spa/salon treatments!! And now baking again for charity? Congratulations & thank you for sharing with us!! Hugs, Sherry xx

  3. Joann, everything looks gorgeous! You did an excellent job. I love all the selection and the presentation. Just beautiful. So glad it all went well and you had fun doing it. I can imagine all the work you put into it. I think you would be a perfect tea house host. You can serve tea and bake little cakes and goodies to go with it. :o)

  4. Oh Joann everything looks so yummy...and delicious. You did an amazing job!!! Can't imagine all that work.

    xoxo Gert

  5. Gosh my blog decrepitude has gotten to me again. So sure I posted a comment already about how beautiful everything looks, how much I love the displays on the tiers, and what an artist you are making those darling little topknots on the cupcakes with frosting. I hope you get to see this because I really do think your pastry work is amazing. People will no doubt be talking about your treats for ages. (Nancy Sussan)

  6. Joann...speechless! I'm just so sorry that we're so far apart and so can't ever work together on anything! This all looks amazing, truly. Delicious, delightful, delumptious! I loved the fruit breads, the popovers(!) the yummy lemon tarts (my favourite dessert) So impressed. xoxo Rachel


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