Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Thursday, February 3, 2011

getting things back in order around here!

OK, it's time to get in high gear!!  Enough of these strange men in the kitchen tearing walls down, putting up plastic sheets, and making chaos in my kitchen!! They're out comes the lysol, the bleach, the vinegar, and the rubber gloves.....and VOILA...I have a kitchen again!!

a clean counter
So, to celebrate, let's have a look around....Here on the counter is one of my favorite little baskets filled with some fresh fruit.  The favorite right now is honeycrisp apples- so sweet and crisp, just like their name! In fron of the basket is my favorite tape dispenser; looks like an old sewing machine with a patchwork quilt underneath the needle.  @eileensideways likes it, so I'd love to find another and surprise her with it....

Then, we've got the bear and bowl....filled with warm'em up coasters....if you set a hot tea mug on them, they smell like cinnamon. 

gift from oldest daughter- love it!

my stovetop---not of my dreams, but of my pocketbook.  I'd LOVE a gas wolf but this will do!  BUT, on top is a prized sweetheart got me this copper pot from Williams-Sonoma about 5 years ago.  I just cleaned it, too!

My twitterette girlfriends told me these look cute, so in the pic they go.....I thought they looked dirty, even after cleaning them and was about ready to take 'em all down!  OK, they'll stay for now girls!  LOVE YOU!  Thank you Susan and Sandy for the encouragement; they are buggers to keep polished

love black and red and I LOVE plaid, checks, and buffalo checks....hence, the asparagus sign

just changed up all my teacups and saucers on my rack--all fresh and new; the chintz is my favorite Winton Evesham pattern from England- can't find more of it anywhere at any reasonable price, however

AND, with a fresh clean kitchen comes some new cooking!!

NO, I didn't put the 'green sauce' on the fruit, but it did go on the chicken and the good!

pretty nice looking fruit I found for winter....strawberries came from CA!

don't know WHY this picture turned around so, but this was lunch yesterday

my favorite RED mixer

my Valentine's teatowel on the oven door

my bear in heart in bathroom

my tiny cupcakes for tomorrow's event; will be frosted this evening for delivery tomorrow
OK....on to the living room and get things straightened up in there.......LOTS of baking to do tonight....will post more about that later!!  LOVE YOU!!!!


  1. Oh, Joann! Your home is just darling with all the Valentine things, and red and white...charming!!! (Luv that red mixer!! And your tape dispenser is a sewer's dream!!) Can't believe you have carved out time to do the blog right now, as I know you are super busy. But I am glad you posted...I so enjoyed it, sweetie! Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Sherry xx

  2. How wonderful to take a tour of your kitchen Joann! Lovely to see it, feels familiar have made it so cosy & friendly. Love Big Red, sister to my Cranberry! The whimsical touches make it a real home kitchen. A delight! Hope the 'At Home' went fantastically - have a good rest when you're home! xoxo Rachel

  3. Oh Joann I love the tour of your kichen... Everything is amazing. And your pots and pans look just fine..I can tell you scrubbed them they look great!

    Hope you are in for a blessed weekend...

    xoxo Gert

  4. It looks great and it must feel so good to have it put back together!


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