Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

in the Pantry

Well, the workers are gone, but I thought I'd take you on my kitchen journey.  You all know how important the kitchen is to me, so having it all torn up was 'messing with my soul'...

like 'bubble boy' my kitchen became alienated from the rest of the world
Here it is in the midst of the destruction.....all 'zoned off' from the rest of the house.

and they cut holes in the wall....and

dismantled the pantry!

all the food was removed and put in boxes and bins in the living room sad

the emptiness was too much to bear!  :)

But the plastic was worse....dust and dirt still went EVERYWHERE

even though they tried to tape it off

and put the dirty dusty 'air' out the door
But now.....I'm almost back in business.  I've re-lined the pantry with cutie-patooty paper and it's spic and span!  I've got some organization going on, too. I've found food I didn't know I had!  I've tossed a few things, too!
OK, what's for dinner?

the 'baking' section with my cocoa, chocolate, yeast

and my HUGE selection of tea....but I have LOTS more loose.  This is just the bagged stuff. 
I better get drinking!

join me?


  1. I would LOVE to join you Joann, and have a rummage through your bee-yoo-ti-ful new pantry!! So lovely to have things all ordered and clean...I have to do it sometimes too, take everything out, throw out and put back where it should be! Feels lovely. So pleased you are done with disruption & have your kitchen life back! xoxo

  2. Just finished reading your post. I'm so glad your kitchen is yours again! I know how hard it must have been to be without it for days! Your pantry looks gorgeous all stocked up and organized. I would love to join you and Rachel for tea, if you'll have me? Happy day to you! xxoo

  3. You ladies will have a place of honor if you shall ever join me!! xx LOVE xx

  4. Oh would I love to join you for a cup of tea...(love that tea set!!) am sure it would taste so much better in kitchen is so beautiful..and so I'm sure you are just sooo happy!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. I am so happy all the restoration work is behind you now and that you were able to get the kitchen all spic and span and organized!!! It looks so great, Joann! Please count me in for a cup of tea. It would be so wonderful to have us all be together : ) Love, Sherry xx


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