Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alternative Therapy- worth consideration

I get lots of questions from people and family members about why I have chosen to combine alternative medicine with western medicine.  For me, it is a personal choice and again, I am NOT a doctor, but I think that we all need to become more familiar with our bodies and read the vast amount of information out there about the care and feeding of our own selves.  We typically take better care of our pets and our lawns than we do our own bodies.  A wonderful site for lots of information about naturopathic medicine and what they cn and cannot do in the US, please visit: Three Rivers: the healthy place
Other countries are much farther ahead than we are on healing.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  When our bodies are given optimum nutrition and care, we can heal just about everything.  Recently, Drew Carey stated publicly that he healed his own type-2 diabetes with diet and exercise.  It's true; we CAN do this!
                                                    Drew Carey - Diabetes no more
There are many reasons to see a western medicine physician, from broken bones to infections which can't be healed without medications, but sometimes, the medicines themselves cause more harm than good.  Just listen to the commercials about various prescription medications and all of the possible side effects; they range from everything from nausea to death.  Really?  Isn't there another way?
     In British Columbia, there is a Naturopath ruling  .  They have decided that their work is goodness and that they SHOULD be allowed to prescribe treatments for individuals they see in their practice. In the past, a person would have to pay for both a naturopath and a western medicine physician in order to receive whole medicine treatment.  I am NOT saying that I am against western medicine in any way.  I believe in a combination of both, but I am suggesting to my readers that THEY take more control of their health by learning all they can about what is being done to them in the healthcare realm.

        So, here's my TOP 5 list of things I DO to be the healthiest I can be:
These are the very simplest things- I do a lot more...but we'll talk about those more in detail later!
1.  Eat to Live....don't live to eat   Sure, I treat myself now and then, but it's NOW AND THEN
2.  Skin Brushing and detoxing your colon: skin brushing should be daily- and detoxing can be as simple as eating foods that stimulate your digestive system, from fruits and vegetables to lots of water.  I'll talk more about skin brushing in another entry and possibly do a video on it
3.  Be grateful: find at least 1 thing every single day to be grateful for
4.  Be a lifelong learner: use your mind! think, learn, grow...find new interests, stay engaged
5.  Love - love your spouse, significant other, family, friends; what goes around, comes around

and, if interested, this is a GREAT READ...

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