Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Just the facts, ma'am - Is deodorant safe or not??

Have you ever thought about what goes into your deodorant?  Is it even safe to put on??
Well, for the most part, MOST deodorant/anti-perspirants are NOT safe, and here's why.

Excerpts from: 

"Cancer researcher Philippa Darbre, PhD, of the University of Reading, says evidence is mounting that the aluminum-based active ingredient in antiperspirants can mimic estrogen in the body.

"Lifetime exposure to estrogen is the risk factor which is tied most strongly to breast cancer," says Dr. Darbre. "I stopped using these products eight years ago."

Parabens also increase the risk of breast cancer my mimicking estrogen, according to some experts. Researchers have found parabens inside autopsied breast tumors. Dr. Darbre comments on the study: "Parabens are used as preservatives in thousands of cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical products, but this is the first study to show their accumulation in human tissues. It demonstrates that if people are exposed to these chemicals, then the chemicals will accumulate in their bodies." Parabens can also cause allergic reactions or contact dermatitis.

Propylene glycol is as a humectant, which means it keeps substances from drying out, and it was originally developed as an anti-freeze. Today it's used in paint, dog food, floor wax, and you guessed it, many deodorants. Propylene glycol is neurotoxin known to cause contact dermatitis, kidney damage, and liver damage. In the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for propylene glycol, the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety warns workers to avoid skin contact with the toxic chemical, and yet millions of people apply it under their arms everyday. From the MSDS: "May cause eye irritation, skin irritation. Chronic exposure can cause gastro-intestinal disturbances, nausea, headache, vomiting, and central nervous depression."

TEA and DEA are hormone disruptors that are known to form carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals. In 1997, the U.S. Toxicology Program found that repeated skin application of DEA causes liver and kidney damage in animals. TEA can cause contact dermatitis.

FD&C colors are made from coal and have been shown to cause cancer in animals; they also often cause allergic skin reactions. Triclosan can be absorbed through the skin and causes liver damage in some lab animals, and quaternium compounds are the number one cause of preservative-related contact dermatitis. About 5% of the population is extremely allergic to quaternium compounds, which can cause asthma-like symptoms and even respiratory arrest when inhaled.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD, specializes in environmental medicine and points out, "Not a single cosmetic company warns consumers of the presence of carcinogens in its products."

Indeed, it seems like the best way to get cancer is to smoke cigarettes, eat processed foods, and use mainstream personal care products on a daily basis. What's going on here? Why is anti-freeze in my deodorant? ? Please find out for yourself by doing your own research about the toxic dangers of personal care products. The only thing you have to lose is your health."

There are several ways to be healthier in your deodorant purchase choices.  You can use the cosmetic database as a tool to make some of your decisions.  Keep in mind that products change, ingredients change, and you should read and compare the labels to see what is actually in the products you are using.  

For me, I have a couple of products that I love: 

1.  I love the crystal deodorant from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.  I first found this delightful store while visiting Banff National Park in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada last summer.  The shop is clean and crisp, the products smell delightful, and the staff was engaging and well-versed.  I now order some of their products on their website. You can check out how their deodorant 'rates' at the cosmetic safety database by clicking on the following link.   Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Deodorant  
If you're interested, visit them at:  I LOVE their new blood orange fragrance!

2.  Bubble and Bee  I purchased Bubble & Bee deodorant about a year ago.  I purchased their 'pit putty' and didn't even really look at the company name until my daughter enlightened me on the incredible company that it truly is.  Based in Utah and owned by a very entrepreneurial woman, Bubble and Bee just underwent a significant Organic certification and passed w/ flying colors. I will soon be ordering other products from them to try, but for now, I can heartily recommend their Pit Putty.  I just purchased a different scent today @ Whole Foods, but they don't carry many of their other products unfortunately. 
 Visit their website @  There's No Bad Stuff!  And, please visit a very delightful youtube video about two of their other products.  You'll be SOLD, for sure!! Bubble & Bee video

Of course, the other option is to not wear ANY deodorant.....
but I think I'll wear some for now!
If you have ANY questions at all, please let me know....I LOVE COMMENTS!

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