Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting a bit more Valentine-y

I told you that I've been getting 'Valentine-y' over here lately....I have so much yet to do in the kitchen after the "explosion" of dust and dirt that the workers created in there....however, I cleaned off the mantle over the fireplace in the greatroom and got out my bin of Valentine's things and started to work.  I'd say that this year's creative scale is not positively off the charts....but it was the best I could muster under the duress of dust in the adjoining kitchen.  I mean one can only become so festive when one's refrigerator is sitting next to the sofa!
Here, bunny and dolly hang out by the basket and show their 'love' of the holiday!

My 'white albino' moose dons a red bow and sits in a heart-shaped basket on its side

This little Gmundner Pottery piece holds a candle....but I put it on the mantle just because it's red and white!

a couple of paper hearts

wooden red hearts attached to the large wreath above the hearth
February is a tough month for lots of people.....if a person doesn't have a special someone, it oftentimes feels like everyone is in love except that person, when, of course, that isn't true.  And, for those who do have a special someone who isn't quite the romantic at heart....Valentine's Day can be painful as well.  So, a few years ago, I made a public statement to my family.  I no longer celebrate Valentine's Day-----I like to do things for others, but I've asked the darling wonderful man in my life to do nothing for me on that day.  My father died on Feb. 12 and was buried on Valentine's Day....another reason not to celebrate.  Instead, I HIGHLY CELEBRATE Feb. 19.  It was my father's birthday and it is the day I met my sweetheart.....and we always do something special to spoil each other..... so.....enjoy the holiday but know in your hearts that it is just really another day....true love is given generously every single day and that we do not need a day to show our love nor do we need a special person to celebrate love.....we just need a generous spirit and an eye and an and listen and I'm sure you'll find someone who could use a bit of cheering on that day.  Send a card to someone in a nursing home.  Give a note to the postman or woman who tirelessly delivers your mail.  Leave a heart on the trashcan that week.  Put a note in a child's lunchbox.....
Smile.....and most importantly.....look in the mirror and say wholeheartedly to yourself:  I LOVE YOU! make you smile.  I was driving on Friday to do some errands and I had my camera with me.  I came upon this BRIGHT PINK car....I mean, it was HOT PINK!!  and, it was a Mercedes.  I have never seen one in that color before.  Someone really likes pink!  I snapped a photo and thought you'd like to see's really quite a bit brighter than it even shows up here.

the driver's 'in the pink'
Coming soon, I am going to be doing a blog post about a house neighborhood tour that my daughters and I took in the Fall in southern California.....but here's a sneak preview.  I'm choosing this one, of course, because of the RED gate door....I honestly love it, but then RED is my favorite color!!  I think it's quite charming!'s almost your love!
this makes me want to just open it up and peek inside!


  1. Beautiful post Joann! Loved seeing your valentine decorations. So nice that you celebrate Feb. 19 instead. Your words are very true. Thank you for a wonderful post! Looking forward to seeing the fall house tour. xoxo

  2. I agree with you about Valentines, wholeheartedly. Paul & I exchange cards but we try and love each other & show it all year round...and I make sure I send a card to my niece & 3 young nephews...I like it to be all about love in general, not just romantic. For quite a few years we would give a 'not-Valentine's supper' as an antidote to the fake lovey-dovey stuff in restaurants! Fun! Adore your mantle (& new header!) I'm a blue girl, but touches of red are so cheering & beautiful. Thank you sweetie xoxo

  3. Gee I dunno how to comment and put my name here.

    As far as the Valentine's Day thing goes I think you're on the wrong track. Even if someone you love died then, it doesn't make it a bad holiday. It means you think more about that person that day. My mother died the day after Mother's Day but it doesn't ruin the holiday for me as I would of course be thinking of her anyway. It's nice to have a special day to feel warm feelings for those you love and if you let what happened in the past taint it, it means you are holding onto stuff better released. We all have some bad memories, but isn't it better to hold onto the good ones, even in a relationship that went awry, and to reclaim this day as your own. It seems better to me to do that. Anyway if enough people wish you a happy Vday maybe it will begin to be a good memory for you. I hope so! Happy VDay, Love, Nancy


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