Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall in New England: The Topsfield Fair - our 'stop' along the way to Maine

After we left Martha's Vineyard, we drove through Boston- again, the traffic was pretty heavy.   It was Saturday, but like any other city, any accident or call pulled over seems to cause a slow down, so it took us awhile to get through....

We drove past The Boston Globe

On the freeway heading north but still in Mass.

Taking a little break and driving toward Topsfield Fair
Trees in this part of Massachusetts are still quite green

Still, the stone fences are so charming

Homes in this area have lots of pumpkins

Heading further north, we begin to get a little color
We had read, prior to coming to New England, that Columbus Day weekend had several fairs and special events across New England.  One of them was the Topsfield Fair.  It was the last weekend of the fair, which ran for nearly 2 weeks.  We both grew up in Ohio and were used to farms and fairs, so going to a fair was a bit nostalgic, so we pulled off the interstate and headed toward Topsfield.  The area around the fair was gorgeous!

We soon saw the traffic for this HUGE fair....luckily, we got a parking spot and we walked in.

We buy our $12.00 (each) tickets to get into the fair

Topsfield Fair,  Topsfield, Massachusetts

This building had landscaping ideas

Every good fair has got to have a prize winning chicken

Actually, LOTS of prize-winning chickens

and chicken eggs in incubators so we could watch them hatch

Once they hatched, they were put under warm lights

gotta love those little peeps, huh?

There were also snuggling piggies...

Now, THIS is a big pumpkin!

a 1st place tomato....I just love the 'down-home' parts of a fair!

This gal made GORGEOUS rugs!! I took her card and will definitely call her to order one
The highlight, however, of our side trip to the Topsfield Fair was walking into the Coolidge Building. We heard some amazing voices coming from there and read a sign that said the 'bubs' from Tufts University were going to appear at 5:00 PM- we didn't really want to stay that long, but we heard part of the rehearsal and it was we stayed.  I have never heard of the Bubs.  My youngest daughter, at one time, did have an interest in Tufts University for vet school, but she ended up at Colorado State University instead and just loves it!  Anyway....we stayed and were blown away by their talent!!

I'm attaching a link via youtube to one of their performances since I can't upload my own video I took of them at the fair...if you are in New England, look up their concert schedule and go see them.  You'll love 'em!  Apparently, they were contestants on SING OFF, but I have never seen that this was a huge and wonderful suprise!  Enjoy!!

We called our innkeeper in Maine and told them we were going to be a bit late, which was fine.....we got a few yummy fair food numbers: a philly cheese steak, gyros.....then we got in our car filled with greasy goodness and songs in our up:  Kennebunk, Maine and the incredible Inn and antiques!



  1. i was at topsfield fair too. i live 15 min away. you should have called!

  2. Love the baby favorite thing at fairs!


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