Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oqunquit: A trip to Perkins Cove

First I want to apologize in the delay in this post--I ran out of picture space and it took Google quite some time to give me more, even though I paid for it.  I want to preface this segment with I HAD A BIG TOOTHACHE while I was here so a restaurant review isn't fair.  I couldn't really eat much but I was really hungry.  Yes, we passed the Maine Diner and saw the line---WOW, the food network really helped that place!  My was crazy.  But a 'little birdie' told me it's delicious and that it's an annual stop for her and her husband, so I trust that we really missed out on that one! 

I had lobster stew and lobster stew- both were fantastic and I wish I had more.  It was rich, hot, yummy, and easy to just swallow- 'nuf said. 

But, I do want to give credit to two outstanding places in this area: 
1.  a little stand by the footbridge - AND EXCELLENT ICE CREAM, too!  ( yes, I had some )
2.  MC restaurant - more on that later

When you're on the footbridge, this is some of the view

the little harbor of Perkins Cove

The lobster roll and chips- I was told it was very very good!

Lobster Stew: trust me, it was incredibly good

The Footbridge Lobster- so awesome!!

An Ogunquit site....flags AND Fall!

Loved all the Fall decorations around Ogunquit

MC @ Perkins Cove
Click on the caption link to read more about this lovely restaurant.  It has received numerous food awards and the two owners of the original restaurant then opened this one- a bit less expensive but still incredibly good food.  This is a must go---very eclectic menu that changes.

Gotta love the punkins and mums

Need some things that say Ogunquit?

One of the lovely inns around town- love it!

Lots of marshy areas in this neck of the woods

lovely old hotel near water's edge

people were just sitting gazing at the water

a few still walked the beaches

As the sun was setting, we drove away....but want to come back!

It was an awesome day in spite of the pain--on the way back to the inn, we talked and decided that Ogunquit was worth another until then

We didn't stay here....but you've just gotta love this name, huh?

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