Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Martha's Vineyard Part III: Farms, Wool, and Good Eatin'!

Driving around Martha's Vineyard is a trip through time....there are homes and structures that are 200 hundred years old ( and more ) that have been refurbished and there are new homes made to look old.  I do love all the shutters, however, and porches, and of course....all the trees and green, green lawns!

I love the porches, the stone walls, and all the trees!
The architecture on Martha's Vineyard varies from clapboard sided homes to traditional white and black

White picket fences everywhere...and of course, the flag!

I also adore the windows with their small panes of glass

We drove over to Mememsha.  Although the beach was 'closed' by summer standards, many people were walking about, and I LOVED the 'no lifeguard on duty' sign on the lifeguard's post.  I guess the seagull had taken over the job.....and took it quite seriously!

Mememsha has lots to see and do
One of the little shops near the fishing village town

While driving around, we came across a woolen 'farm'- I love animals, especially cuddly ones, and sheep are definitely on this list, so we pulled up the little gravel driveway to take a look.  The sign said that the shop was open. 

Yes, the sheep have a view of the ocean!

look at the yummy green grass they're munching on!

You can't tell from pics, but this one BIG GUY was enormous!

After we parked our car, we looked, where's the shop?  A little sign directed toward this stone-fence lined pathway.  In the distance was the ocean on one side, and a gorgeous farm with horses and lovely barns on the, we followed the path!

A white picket fence is still #1 but this is a close 2nd
Here's the cute little door to the woolen shop!

I just absolutely love how pumpkins are everywhere in the Fall- orange is not my favorite color, but somehow, in the becomes a's just 'right.'

So, I know you're wondering....what's inside?  So, let's go on in!

There were sweaters, blankets, hats, mittens, and gorgeous!

The colored glass 'things' hanging in the window were hummingbird feeders and I was so tempted to get one.  Traveling these days, however, is restrictive to my 'take it home' I had to pass, but they were very unique!

Their selection of homemade woolens is exceptional!
Besides woolens, they also carry pottery, artwork, bath products, and more!

Darling little baby items, too! LOVE this little wee one's sweater!

I did a little history on the farm, and it has been run by the same family since 1762- how amazing! 

The candles were in luscious-smelling scents!

I know....I know....cute, huh?

They carry Whisper Hill bath things! Love 'em!!

If you LOVE bath things, check out Whisper Hill's line of products.  The woolen shop carried some of their things, but it's really a great line of products.  When you go to their site, they also show craft shows in New England where they feature their products, so for you New Englander's, their site is a great source of information for you!  

These little tiny 'lambies' were so fuzzy and darling!

One of the charming little hummingbird feeders

lovely little hand-painted tins...and yes, you can buy a picture of sheep

Here's a great picture of shop from doorway.....but wait.....can you see a freezer in the back?

Thinking that maybe there was a yummy ice cream treat in there to purchase, we took a look inside......YIKES!
What was in there?  You guessed it!  FROZEN LAMB MEAT!

                                                          Run Lambies!!!!!!!
             Really, it was an amazing farm with gorgeous items and it's all one-of-a-kind woolens, so if you're interested, it is definitely worth a visit!                                                      

Allen Woolen Farm 
421 South RdMartha's VineyardMA2535LocationIn Chilmark, at Eddy Farm RdPhone508/645-9064




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