Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Martha's Vineyard Part IV: Morning Glory Farm

 Morning Glory Farms! Yes, we must have spent 2 hours there....all the pumpkins outside on the lawn are what caught our eyes, but the wind turbine, lovely barn, and planted fields of vegetables are what drew us in!

As you come in, you can purchase little bouquets that are in water in these quaint rusty cans

Inside, were lovely baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables w/ these cute hand-written notes on each

Garlic, onions, shallots.....and each in its own lovely basket

On the shelves were lots of organic goodies....great to see that islanders can get these so easily

The greens were the deepest green I have truly ever seen

I LOVED the hand-written apple chart of which are good for eating or baking

I was surprised that most of their apples were NOT organic

I love that the apples were in pecks.....remember the jingle? a peck of pickled peppers?

And peppers there were! Every color and variety!

More of the lovely greens at Morning Glory Farmstand

Don't these just make you want to buy them?  

And here are the fields where they are grown
I LOVE the story behind Morning Glory started in 1975 with 50 acres.  Only about 6 acres of their farm is organic.  They have decided not to pursue the costly and time-consuming certification to be officially all organic, so they call themselves "Morganic," the combination of Morning Glory and Organic.  They also sold cheeses from the area and around New England, grass-fed beef ( which I LOVE ), and lots of prepared foods to take home and warm up that they create in their farm kitchen.

And....speaking of their of their biggest 'draws' is their pies!

On the day we were there, pies would not be ready until 2:00 PM

But, we were able to 'peek' inside the windows of the kitchen to see  them at work

We were sorry we missed this pumpkin festival they had on Oct. 16

Don't you just love the hand-written signs?  I do.  This farmstand is a don't miss, in my opinion.  We loved going there, bought lots of goodies to munch on while we drove around the island.  If you're interested, visit the Morning Glory Farm website and plan your trip accordingly around some of their lovely events. 

They also have a book, which they sell in the's beautiful!      

You can purchase the book on their website

I would definitely visit their website---it's a testament to American and the power of the human spirit.  People who have worked at the farm even have their own 'group' which meets for reunions.  There are over 100 members already....pride of ownership...............and of a family who followed their passion! Bravo!!



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