Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, October 18, 2010

A magical trip to Martha's Vineyard! Part I: just getting there and why we went

I have wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard for most of my life.  For me, there was some kind of draw to being near the water, having charming little villages to walk through and shop at, and the thought of an endless amount of gingerbread victorian homes and the very traditional New England white homes with black shutters and white picket fences.  All of this is an 'over the top' experience for me!! I love it all.  Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely adore Colorado and I will never move as long as the other women in my life live there.....but should they ever move away from me, I could be inclined to move to New England or California---hmmmm, opposite ends of the country and VERY different weather conditions. 

Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, CA and Martha's Vineyard actually have a lot in common.  #1 Reason = Lovely homes.  Aside from that, it's fun to visit and explore and it's all a wonderful learning along my journey to becoming an innkeeper with the man of my dreams. So, let's just call him Mr. Dreamy.  We made it!!!! We flew into Manchester, NH airport after a short layover in Chicago and left the next morning for the ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard.  I was thinking that maybe James Taylor would meet me at the airport.  He lives in the Berkshires now, but his kids live on Martha's Vineyard and maybe, just maybe, he'd be there on a visit with them. We DID get our picture taken together at his last concert in Denver.  Doesn't he (JT) know I'm coming to New England?  I guess not.

OK, well maybe Martha Stewart will be waiting for me when I get off the plane.  I just bought your cupcake carriers at Macy's, Martha.  Don't you want to meet me?  OH, it's not YOUR Vineyard! Well, excuse me! Well, how about Carly Simon?  I mean....I love your music...I know all the words to 'You're So Vain.'  And, I'm going to visit your store on Martha's Vineyard called Midnight Farm.  Don't you want to meet your customers?
I'm really just joking about all of this....I came to see the leaves, the houses, the pumpkins on porches, the apples at farm stands.  I came to search through antique stores for barkcloth and vintage teacups and I came to walk through leaves! would be nice if a moose just happened to cross my path when we're in New Hampshire. The last time we went to Maine, we saw and counted 37 moose....I'm not even kidding! I don't believe there are any of 'those' on MV though---

The most important reason I came to New England is to spend time with the dearest man in the world after we've had a very busy time this summer....from readying for an incredible wedding to refinishing logs to gardening and fighting the grasshopper's been a wild ride and we just needed to get away and be together, eat good food, talk, hold hands, and watch the play-offs on tv at night.  No, the last part is not me....I'm reading travel books on New England and catching up on emails and twitter while he roots for the winning team. we go!

On Oct 7, we made the drive toward the ferry....the skies were so dark!
Our first day was spent flying, of course.  We had a layover in Chicago and by the time we arrived in Manchester, NH, we were pretty tired.  We got a quick dinner and got things organized for our trip the next day.  We double checked on the ferry, since you have to 'reserve' space ahead of time.  It was approximately $150.00 for the round trip ticket for the two of us and our rental car.

Pardon the blurry picture- we were moving and I just wanted to capture the journey
We drove from Manchester, NH to Woods Hole, Mass. where we met the 45 minute ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard....see the white picket fences?? I'm already having fun!

As you can see, the trees  n this part of New England had not yet changed

Things were still mostly 'green' here in Manchester, NH....through Boston, Massachusetts....and to Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  There were a few yellows, but for the most part, things were basically green.  This is STILL a good thing, however, because Colorado has a lot of brown.  Our green comes from the pine trees that grow in the mountains.

There it was....the ferry landing!

It was approximately 2 hours to drive to Woods Hole; there were some slow spots near Boston, and some downpours along the way. We got to the ferry early and went about the little town to find something to eat that was light and tasty.  We found an organic bakery and coffee roaster and stepped inside. It's called 'Pie in the Sky' Bakery.  A chalkboard with hand-written choices is always a winner with me.....a lentil spinach soup and some organic coffee with extra cream.  Yummy....somehow, the chill was removed as the warm soup and coffee permeated my soul.  

Fair-traded Organic coffees, soups, sandwiches, and yummy sweet treats!

I ALWAYS love a menu written on a chalkboard- it makes me feel like they only put up there what is fresh.  I could be wrong, of course, but I would like to believe that and be 'charmed' by the magic of ordering from a hand-written menu on a chalkboard in a cute little shop such as this.  

yes, they had LOTS of home-baked pies and desserts!

The soup and coffee really hit the spot on this rainy, windy day!

After we bussed our table, we got back into the car and went back to our 'row' in the ferry line order.  Luckily, our 'boat' was actually called 'Martha's Vineyard.'  At this point, I'm almost giddy.....I'm almost there!

here we go! We're driving onto the ferry! 

We were getting closer!!
  On board, I took a penny from my wallet and 'squished' it in the penny rolling machine.  My middle daughter collects stamped/pressed pennies, and when I saw the hand-cranked machine on board, off I went to claim my first tourist attraction souvenir!

51 cents for a Martha's Vineyard steamship souvenir!

A few brave souls stood or sat out front, but the strong chilly wind kept me inside during the ride over...but as we got closer, I could no longer sit in my seat.  My face was nearly pressed to the windows as the 'island' got closer and closer. 

There it is! Martha's Vineyard is now only minutes away!

As fate would have it, we were the last car to exit the ferry....but as we did, I saw the flags, the street lights, and the island before me.....two days in a place I had only dreamed about.....and now I was right there!

There it is....right before us!
Martha's Vineyard is gorgeous! It's a mix of old and new.  It's narrow streets remind me of Europe and the brick sidewalks are perfectly charming.  The white fences, the manicured lawns, the light's all very special and I'm blessed to be here!  As an aspiring innkeeper, seeing the inns and staying in many of them is a great learning experience.  How rooms are designed, how innkeepers work, how breakfasts are served....all part of our learning.  I typically ask lots of questions and listen with customer AND innkeeper ears.  I see the experience from both perspectives and through this learn what we will and will not do in ours.  Our first inn was the Crocker House Inn, but first, I just had to drive around a bit and take it all in......

Even though I didn't read this information until AFTER we left Martha's Vineyard, ABC did a 'report' on things to do there and inexpensive options to try.  If you'd like to read it:

Martha's Vineyard, Part II will continue on my next blog, where I'll discuss the inn, where we ate, what we saw, and my recommendations for this lovely little island off the coast of Massachusetts. I'd LOVE to hear your comments....please subscribe to my blog, tell your friends, and tell me about YOUR blog....I'd love to get to know you better!! 


  1. I see that sign "Martha's Vineyard NEXT LEFT" all the time, it it drives me crazy... if only it were that easy, haha

    But the fall really is the best time to come, Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay on MV! :)


  2. Pie in the Sky Bakery looks awesome! Wish you would take me with you on your next New England trip! :)

  3. i love your story so far; it's so charming to hear your perspective, as an out of towner, see the sights we we take for granted.

  4. We lived in Colorado (Colorado Springs) for 12 years and hated it most the time. Hated the constant winds, the thunder storms and thunder snow, the blizzards and the crazy drivers. But then, we (hubby and I) both grew up in the Pacific Northwest (Gods Country) and were spoiled by the milder weather and beautiful scenery year round... not to mention that drivers training is still required to get a license there.

    Colorado is a great place to visit, our grandkids still live in Denver, but no where we ever want to live again. You need to visit WA/OR/ID one day. You'll never want to go back.

    Martha's Vineyard is also on our list to visit by RV. Keep the great notes and tips on the great places there coming. I'm printing them off and placing them in my travel folder for future referance.

    Tweet you later on Twitter,

    Kathy Waddell
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