Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Friday, October 22, 2010

I LOVE to have girly tea parties!!

Entertaining in a log home does not have to be defined or directed by the logs....Before my youngest daughter's wedding, I hosted a bridal shower and it was quite girly!! I love afternoon tea and I have quite a collection of chintz, Susan Branch  "A Proper Tea" Collection by Lenox, and Winton of England dishes.  The surroundings of a log home are warm and inviting and guests usually feel very relaxed and 'at home.'  That's awesome for makes the entertaining easy!!

I love living in a log home, but I also love the vintage furniture and 'chippy' things, vintage dishes, get the idea.  I'm part pioneer and part Victorian...I'm part English teacher and librarian and part modern wedding planner.....

I recently came back from a trip to New England.  I was 'in love' with so much of it and found myself looking through real estate books.....but the desire to be close to family outweighs my love of white homes with black shutters and when I did come back home, the logs were there to greet me.....

Logs are also very user friendly--I have two small granddaughters and their little hands are more on the walls than they are on their own bodies!  Log walls are completely forgiving.  They collect dust, but they don't show fingerprints---it's pretty awesome, in fact.  When I am in a log home, I AM at home--I've filled it with log furniture and 100 year old antiques.  I have an extensive 'moose' collection, and I have an overflowing linen collection....but all of it is simply wonderful to me- it's unique and special and hopefully, when people come to visit, they feel welcome and special.....

my daughter opening up some of her gifts @ the shower
Yes, those are a few tears....cause that's the card from me.....I just told her how very proud I am of her and that I wish her all the joy and love she so we all do.

I love pots of flowers and hanging baskets....but now, most of these are gone for the season
I wanted to show you a glimpse of my back porch....I love flowers and herbs and gardening....but the summer's are short in Colorado.  We've had the longest summer and the prettiest Fall I can remember.  Typically by now, we've had snow and everything's gone, but I cut roses today....tonight, however, there is supposed to be frost, so most things will be finished for the season.....I'll get a few more bulbs planted this weekend.................but hold onto these summery photos, because after I finish my travel blog of New England, I'll start working on the baking and decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have LOTS of wonderful recipes to share with you!
                                           Have a wonderful Weekend............and I'd LOVE to hear your comments and I LOVE to read YOUR make sure you let me know how to find yours......

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