Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, October 25, 2010

Martha's Vineyard Part VII: Our last morning and the ferry back to Woods Hole

On our last morning, we had another delicious breakfast at The Crocker House, loaded up our car, and headed into the downtown area of Vineyard Haven.

The view from the front steps of the Crocker House to the harbor in the distance
It was my 'last chance' to peruse the shops, get some coffee, check out the local cupcake store and soak it all in before driving back over to Oak Bluffs to catch the ferry back to Woods Hole.  The morning was sunny and bright and it was the beginning of the Columbus Day weekend and it was crowded!!!  I would suggest NOT coming to Martha's Vineyard over Columbus Day weekend--we were glad that on this Saturday morning, we were headed away from and not toward this busy bustling place.  The feel of the downtown area was completely different from the two days before!  I cannot even imagine how crowded it must become in the summertime when beaches draw even more crowds!

One of my stops that morning was the local cupcakery.  There are a couple of locations, but the one in Edgartown was closed the day before, so I never got a peek inside.  Sweet E's of MV is located in Vineyard Haven on Main St. and we were there on their last day of the season, or so the sign said.  They are featured on the 'What's Up Martha? ' website.  Apparently, President Obama, his wife and daughters went there this past summer and caused a stir of excited onlookers who tried to catch a glimpse of the first family.  I LOVED their simple style and their vintage motif.

The vintage cabinets housed the lovely cupcakes

The Beach House

Midnight Farm, owned by Carly Simon and a partner
At Midnight Farm, you could see a lot of Carly Simon's style.  Billowy tops, leather boots, colorful scarves, and of course, all of her cd's and those of her son and daughter.  It was fun going inside, but I much preferred all the goodies at the Beach House.  I also wandered into a kitchen store on Main St.  In front, they had incredible oils and vinegars.  They even had a chocolate vinegar and how I wished I could take a bottle home with me!

We got some coffee at Mocha Motts, checked out the local bookstore, and even wandered into another favorite store called Two Susans.  Check out their websites if you're interested.  Well, it was time to leave the I reluctantly got back into the car and we drove toward Oak Bluffs. 

Thankfully, the Mack truck was in the other lane!

Our smaller ferry back to Woods Hole

I hope you've noticed that there was not a cloud in the sky.  Even though our trip began just two days earlier with dark and dreary wet skies, we were blessed with sunshine and crisp Fall air. 

This ferry was MUCH SMALLER than the one we took to Martha's Vineyard

Good-bye island!

We had so much fun!  Good-bye Carly! Good-bye Ben Taylor!  Good-bye Morning Glory Farm!  
I secretly wished I would have seen Susan Branch shopping for groceries or going on her morning walk somewhere, and she'd say, " good to see you!  Why don't you come over for some tea!"  And of course, I would just have to say,  "YES....I'd love to!!!!!" our ferry glided across the water between Oak Bluffs and closer to Woods Hole, I smiled and recalled all that we did together.....the experience was all that and more than I had dreamed it was time to get out the map and head up the coast;  our next stop was Kennebunk, Maine....but along the way, there were some interesting things to do!  Stay tuned!! 

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  1. Next best thing to an actual trip to the Vineyard with wonderful pictures and descriptions. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. I have really enjoyed your Martha's Vineyard series - I live on MV and picked it up through one of my monitoring tools and I am happy I did! It has been great to see 'my Island' thru an outsiders eyes. I find that I often forget that I live in a magical place - thank you for reminding me just how special it is!

  3. Thank you for the comments! Yes, sometimes it takes 'new eyes' to see things differently. I LOVE writing, so it makes me so happy if I've been able to give something to others---your comments have made me feel entirely blessed today!

  4. Just love, love to read about all your adventures, Joann!! Keep 'em coming! So fun to see your take on places I live by! Makes me very grateful and that I shouldn't take things for granted!

  5. Hi Joann, I found your Blog through Susan Branch's tweets and am so glad to revisit MV through your posts. I also enjoyed your recent Blue Ridge Parkway post as we live in Maryland and love the Parkway, too. One of my recent posts is on Skyline Drive, a quick day trip for us. But what I wanted to tell you is we just spent a week on MV in September and I've done 9 posts about it on my Blog. I felt like I saw it all that week, but having seen your posts I think I need to go back in October sometime--but just not Columbus Day weekend it sounds like. It was not at all crowded the week we were there but hearing comments from the locals about not being able to GET to the beach on summer weekends was enough to make me want to avoid the place during the summer months. I see you live in Colorado now? I was last there in 1968 in Boulder and would love to go back one day. The memory of being up on a real mountain (even the Blue Ridge Mountains don't feel like mountains in comparison) is still with me.

    1. Hello Cathy! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I am going to take a look at yours as well---it's so much fun to see places through the eyes of another, and yes, I agree with you that sometimes we miss things that others catch or know about and we have to go back!!! Wow, you made a trip to CO in '68!! You should come back; a lot has changed!! Our mountains are tall and grand, but we don't have the trees you have back there, so there are trade-offs, as always is the case.
      Yes, go back to MV without the crowds; you'll have it to yourselves and truly be able to get into the nooks and crannies of it all....
      Again, thank you!!


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