Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am so grateful

a new friend sent this----what a surprise and a blessing! I put it on my windowsill ( with wet hands, apparently ) so that I can look at it while I work....

Thank you God on this day and every day---my life is blessed by those around me and I feel YOUR presence in my life every day.  Bless the food that we will eat today.  Bless the walls that surround us, keep us warm, and hear our joy.  Bless those who today are without, who are lonely, who are sick, who are longing....spread your light and love upon them. 

There are going to be about 14 people here total today- 11 for dinner and 3 who will wander in afterward....maybe for some leftovers or maybe for dessert depending on when they get here.  I am an only child and my father passed away when I was 20.  My mom is German and most of her family was killed in the war so I never knew any of father met her in Germany and brought her home.  Even though it was not 'cool' to be German at that point in our country, I feel a strong connection to that heritage.  My mom, now in her 80's, is having dinner with a few friends in her neighborhood in Arizona today, but I'll soon travel to visit her for a few days of baking some European goodies to bring back home with me.  I am blessed with three amazing daughters who are not only my children, but also my dear friends.....2 are now married and the middle one has a significant someone who is one of the 'dessert' folks today----the love of my life has two children of his own and they will be here as well.  I've gone from a little girl sitting at the table with my mom and dad and great aunt and uncle to a table filled with laughter......I am tearful just thinking of it.  I will gladly prepare today's feast for this family who fills me with love--those days were truly fun for it was the only way I knew Thanksgiving to be....but now, I know that a table surrounded by children and adults all laughing and passing around bowlfuls of goodies is extraordinary!

For those not with us today....their presence is felt and their gifts are known.

Thank you God for bringing love to my life and joy to my heart.....I am so grateful!
        May your Thanksgiving be blessed and joyful...

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  1. What a wonderful, joyful post Joann! I hope you have an amazing day - I have a feeling that someone with your heart can't fail to. With love xoxo


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