Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pots, Pans, Poetry.....and some antique stoves you're gonna love!

This part of our country is simply gorgeous to me----I will carry the sights and sounds and glory and pride in our nation in my heart for a long time with this vacation.......I have about 6 more entries to go and I'll be done with the 2010 Fall New England trip....but I'm feeling compelled to's the English teacher in
me coming out....

Back East
by the Real Girl

The trees called me back
They lured me to their home
But I found more than I expected
Wherever I did roam

I saw the leaves of vivid hues
I heard many new birds' calls
I tasted foods from long ago
felt the spray from waterfalls

I rode a train, in fact, rode two
I watched the darkened skies turn blue
Maple syrup dark upon my toast
Rich delicious Yankee pot roast

The inns were warm; the beds so cozy
The brisk Fall air; my cheeks so rosy
Antiques to see and touch and long for
Flags so proud- to sing our Country's song more

Covered bridges... hay bales round
Apple orchards...darker ground
Farm stands beckoned ...delicious fruit
A peck of new loot

The barns and do I measure?
 these rich sweet moments with the man I treasure
The birches white...the grass so green
go East? go West? I'm in between

Pumpkins on the porches piled
in darling designs or scattered wild
I breathe it in...I love them all
This glorious time I've had this Fall!
In the higher elevations, even mid-October was beginning to be too late to see leaves.  Here, they were almost finished

The 'ol Century Crawford!

LOVE the color!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone remember these?  I certainly do!

dishes, dishes everywhere- but not an Evesham anywhere!

Susan Branch, this one just LOOKS like you! Cute as a button!

Who would like to fix their Thanksgiving dinner on this baby?  ME!!!!!!

really going back...........
Next up: Covered bridges.....and getting to Vermont!

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