Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vermont's first snow of the season: October 15, 2010

When we work for breakfast in our lovely inn, there was something very different about the 'view' from our window----could it be?  Yes, during the night, the rain had turned to snow.  It was lovely sitting in the breakfast room having our scrumptious breakfast and watching those first flakes come down on the fall leaves strewn about....very picturesque, I must say!  

But now it was time to leave; our trip to New England was nearly over---2 more days and then back home.  This inn was awesome and I do highly recommend it.  I speak about it more in an earlier blog if you are interested...or if you do have questions, please feel free to ask.  I don't recommend such things if I'm not completely sold on it myself. It was lovely.

the long wonderful drive to the inn....

The Maple Leaf Inn Barnard, Vermont on the morning we left there....
Now....the drive was quite slippery!!

YES, it's SNOW- Oct 15, 2010 in Barnard, VT
Driving further away, the snow turned to rain and then back again, but it had come down hard throughout the night and the rivers and streams were to their brinks with rushing water.

Here, a stream is over its banks.

We come to the first of MANY roadblocks where the roads were  washed away

Here, a part of the road had slid into the rushing waters

the grass was greener than I had ever seen it before!

Remember the shot I told you to remember of the water @ the back of the store @ Simon Pearce?
Well, we went back to the store to see how the heavy rains had impacted the was unbelievable.  

I know that you can't even imagine what we saw and heard---it was thunderous--and we could hardly believe that the building could stand so close to this amount of rushing water.  It was a furious power that was unleashed.  Simon Pearce's parking lot was half underwater----we wanted to stay longer but were afraid we might get stuck there or worse have our car washed we made it back to our car and drove off.  The trip, however, had many many slow spots, including a stop delay of nearly an hour while crews worked on roads---we had to turn around and take different directions until we could safely get out of the area and get to higher ground.....

We kept thinking that this could not have been the only storm like this in the history of the community, but it turns out that the magnitude of this rainstorm was quite record-breaking.  We also learned the next day that two people had drowned when they fell into one of the rivers....we felt lucky to have gotten safely out of several of the situations that we were in----a 'noreaster......and weather reports across Vermont told of the tale.  CLICK HERE for more on that day's weather report. 

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