Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, November 8, 2010

Woodstock, Vermont: Antiques and Houses, Shops and Pumpkins

Woodstock, Vermont is another quintessential New England town.  I loved walking through the leaves on the sidewalks.  The stores were completely outfitted for Fall, and there are many inns, coffee shops, and antique stores to keep anyone happy- we spent several hours on Main St and loved it all.  We even found a darling bookstore that has a mascot- a Bernese Mountain dog- of course, one of our favorite breeds since we had Moose, a berner we owned for almost 7 years- I would have taken a picture but there was a sign in the shop to NOT take a picture of the dog unless you paid them 2 dollars- so trust me, he was cute!
I hope you enjoy the pictures....I'd love a comment or two, just to know you liked it or kind of makes my day, you know? I'm missing New England myself as I sit here writing this.....

this child's merry-go-round was amazing

love the old stroller

A flower press? hmmmmmm It's actually a linen press!
Things are certainly easier these days......that iron actually looks dangerous!

Oh so blessed to have my Rowenta!

I LOVE MOOSE- so loved this guy!

Transferware is always a favorite of mine

This secretary was very special

Love the pumpkins on the ledges above windows
I know a gal on MV who does this!

A very special grand entrance - main street Woodstock, Vt

This pumpkin totem was so fun!  Susan G. told me she saw one, too!

I kind of just liked the simplicity- a pumpkin and some mums

if not for the 'car' in the glass window, this one could be a painting

This little 'totem' was just piled up next to a shop

the sidewalks of Woodstock were strewn with leaves

and flower boxes full of bright mums were everywhere

this shop amazed me- steel beams holding it up over the water


Loved the homemade sign and all the desserts in the window

Time for a cup of coffee---how fun is this?

Well....there's also the Vermont Flannel store in Woodstock---Made in the USA
such thick, warm, and soft Flannel- yes, I bought some!

an antique carriage

I thought this old bike/scooter was adorable

I think someone's garden was bountiful in pumpkins

and a river ran through it

buildings were right up next to the water actually

a little shop that had very colorful beauty goodies

loved the pink shutters and punkins

this is the antique store the children's toys were in

the Jackson House INN in Woodstock- This place is FABULOUS!!
They have an outstanding restaurant, gorgeous rooms, beautiful gardens in the back,
and incredible attention to detail.  I added a link so you can check it out yourself


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  1. Hi Joann! Just found your lovely blog through your Twitter profile. I've never been to Woodstock, but it looks so wonderful. I love the photos & seeing it through your eyes. Thanks for sharing! have a great week, love Rachel (Mozart's Girl) x


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