Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Friday, January 14, 2011

Once a teacher, always a teacher

Today the sun is gloriously shining.  The thermometer in the shade reads 37 degrees F. (about 2.8 degrees C) But, because it's been so incredibly frozen here for the past few days, it feels warm....I just went out to let 'P' go potty and to walk about for a bit--it's incredible.  The downside is that the snow is all melting so incredibly fast that there is bound to be flooding, etc.  In fact, our restoration folks will not be here because they have so many emergencies with flooded basements, leaking roofs, etc.  They have not torn down the kitchen wall yet, so I can cook, use the sink, and get into the refrigerator, even though it is not in its place. So, I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Talk to me at the end of next week when there is no wall between the kitchen and the garage and all of my pantry items are in boxes somewhere and they tell me 'it will be another week.'  But, that's not going to happen, right?  Stay tuned!

Today, with all the sunshine filling our home, I went about and snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite things.  I'm going to save some and we'll chat about those later, but I think they are lessons in who I am and what I'm all about!  Now Rachel & Morwenna across the pond, forgive me.  I am not gloating about the sunshine we're having today when you're in a hurly-burly bit of rain--if I could send sunshine in a post, I would do so in a heartbeat!

But here goes....
a tea rack....purchased about a year ago.  I change out the teacups and saucers from time to time
I love tea.  I've always loved what you love, right?  I've taught for most of my lifetime, and I had an electric kettle on my desk.  My students would be writing, reading, or taking an exam and one would say, 'What's that noise?'  And another, who 'knew' me a bit better would respond, "Oh, she's making tea."  I would smile and sip my was always such a comfort.  SO, whatever happens in the 're-making' of me during this year, WILL include tea in some fashion.  I have a HUGE collection of teacups and saucers.  I really do not need anymore.  But, I do keep my eyes open for a special find here and there.  Most of them are from England, but because of my German and European background, I do have some things from Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. 

And of the BEST GIFTS I've ever received from my daughters:

a double-sided hinged frame with pictures of the three of them...about 18 years between the photographs
I have three daughters.....When my oldest turns 32 in May and my youngest turns 28 in April, they will be 28, 30, and 32.  My oldest was not quite 4 years old when my youngest was born.  I LOVE BEING A MOM! Do what you love, right?  I said some time ago that I grew my own friends.  It's true!!  These women are very best girlfriends; they really are and we tell each other the truth....that's a tough thing to do sometimes to those we love, but we do. Sometimes, we do it at inappropriate times, however, like at the dinner table on a holiday.  I can LAUGH about this now!  :)         I pretty much raised them alone, even though I was married for 21 years to their dad...another story as well.  Maybe I'll write a book about tea, being a mom, and finding the love of my life.  It's a good story!  Well, I'm getting off track here.  The three of them got together at the home of my oldest daughter and posed in the same position as they did for this earlier photograph when they wer much younger.  I'd say the little one atop the others was about 5, 7, 9 in first photo and 23, 25, and 27 in the second photo.  To say the least, I just sobbed when I saw this on that wonderful Mother's Day when they presented it to me.  First, in gratitude that they would honor me with such a sweet gift and secondly because the time had passed so quickly and now they were all grown women....where did it all go?

So, once a teacher, always a teacher.  My lesson for today is: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, ENJOY EACH & EVERY DAY, and don't pitter away your life...DO WHAT YOU LOVE! BE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE.....and LOVE WHAT YOU DO.  and it wouldn't hurt to tell those you love how you feel---be generous with love....
This is a lesson for myself as well---I need to do what I love and love what I do and I'd love to be paid to do that, too?  Do you hear me out there?  :)

I've just made a kettle of tea, cut slices of poppyseed bread to munch on with it, and I've got lots to kisses and hugs to you all, thank you for reading my blog, commenting, and encouraging me.  I would LOVE to know what you'd like to read about!  What do you want to know?  Inspire me to inspire you!!  
Have a wonderful weekend!
xx The Real Girl         
It's so delicious with my tea!!


  1. Poppyseed bread Joann...I LOVE it. Please may I come for tea?? And I so love the story behind your beautiful girls and that photo. I'm the eldest of 3 girls too, but 2 & 6 years between me & the other two. You've given me a great idea for my parent's Golden Wedding anniversary next year now! THanks for that & for so much else. As to what I'd like to read on your blog - I can only say, whatever you'd like to write! Do what you love, right?? And I love to read your posts & look at the photos of your beautiful home and life which is at once so similar to and so different from my own! Love to you from grey London & me xoxx Mozart's Girl

  2. Hi Joann, What a lovely post. Your blog is such a cozy place to stop by and read. Your poppy seed bread looks wonderful and the plate is so pretty too. What a nice gift your daughters gave to you.Those kinds of gifts mean the most to me. I really like your rack for tea cups. I have quite a collection myself, some purchased and some inherited and I never had enough space to show them off.Thanks for the inspiring post.xxoo

  3. I love comments---thank you ladies!!! You always brighten my days!! I know this little rack only holds 4 sets, but they do make larger ones.....I love seeing them up there and changing them makes everything fresh and new in that little spot!! Have a lovely weekend!!
    xx to you all xx


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